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Steps to take for an Erasmus+ grant (second application round)

As early as possible
If you are interested in studying abroad, please search for information (International Office, mobility coordinator, online). If applicable, get a language certificate. Look up the exchange slots for your degree programme (Studienrichtung) on erasmus.univie.ac.at. Please note that the available slots for the second application round will be published on 15.09.2018 (with green points indicating availability).

September 15th until 15th October 2018 at the latest (your institute might have earlier deadlines)
Register on erasmus.univie.ac.at and submit your application to your mobility coordinator

End of October 2018
If your mobility coordinator nominated you for an Erasmus+ stay, you will get an email from the International Office

As soon as you have received an email concerning your nomination:
Please discuss your Learning Agreement (i.e. course choices) with your directorate of studies (SPL) – and make sure to get their signature on the Learning Agreement

Until the host university’s deadline:
Register at the host university

November 2018
Submit your Erasmus+ documents to the International Office

End of December 2018
You will receive the registration code for the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) database by email. Please check and correct or fill in your personal details.

After registering and submitting your personal information in the database:
The Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) will draw up a contract for your Erasmus+ grant

At the earliest 20 days before the start of your Erasmus+ mobility period, but in the beginning of your mobility at the latest:
The Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) will send you an email granting your application. Please print out the Erasmus+ grant contract twice, sign it and submit it to OeAD

After the start of mobility – as soon as possible:
Discuss and make any changes in the Learning Agreement with your directorate of studies (SPL)

Six weeks before the end of your planned mobility period at the latest:
If applicable, submit your application for extension of an Erasmus+ Mobility Grant to the International Office. An extension is only possible from winter semester to summer semester.

Within four weeks after the end of your mobility:
Send the original Confirmation of stay to the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD). After this you will receive the last part of your grant.

Within two months after the end of your stay:
Get your courses recognized by the respective directorate of studies (SPL). Submit your Transcript of records and academic recognition form (Anerkennungsbescheid) to the International Office.

Application at the University of Vienna

The application for an Erasmus+ exchange at the University of Vienna takes place at your department; the person in charge of processing the applications and nominating the selected students is the mobility coordinator. Register on erasmus.univie.ac.at within the application deadlines; and submit your application to your mobility coordinator. The documents needed for the application can vary depending on your field of studies. Please check your department's website for further information about the application process; many departments have their own Erasmus+ infopages. If there is no information available online, please contact your mobility coordinator directly to ask about the application process.

After the application deadline (no first-come-first-served!), the mobility coordinators nominate the selected students to the International Office; the International Office then contacts all nominated students by email, providing relevant information on the next steps to take.

Application at the host university

Once you have received the official nomination email from the International Office, you need to take care of two administrative procedures:

(1) Submit the documents that are required for the payment of the Erasmus+ grant at the International Office of the University of Vienna (detailed information regarding the documents and the deadlines can be found in the nomination email)

(2)  Apply at the host university! This step is necessary to study at the host university within the Erasmus+ exchange program.

Please find below some useful advice on how to apply at your host university:

The International Office will inform the partner university as soon as possible about your Erasmus+ stay. After that, you should receive further information directly from your host university by email (this is the usual procedure). However, we advise you to not just wait for that email, but to check your host university’s website in order to find out what documents you need to submit and most importantly, when you need to submit them.

Please note: In case there is little time between your nomination by the University of Vienna and the application deadline, please submit the application IMMEDIATELY. If you miss the application deadline, your host university could reject your Erasmus+ application. While most of our partners’ Erasmus+ deadlines are in May, some universities might have chosen earlier deadlines (especially in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and sometimes in France and Spain).

Where do I find information on how to apply to the host university?
Registration/application: Please check your host university’s website and look for „International“ and then for a section called „Erasmus+/Exchange Students“ (or similar) – you will normally find detailed application instructions there („Application“).
Semester dates: Please check your host university’s website and search for „Academic Calendar“. In some cases we have also published an information sheet on https://erasmus.univie.ac.at/site/weiterfuehrendelinks/erasmuspartnerunis (sorted by country).
If you have any questions regarding the application at the host university, please contact the International Office of the host university directly (advisably rather by phone than by email)

What will I have to do in order to apply at the host university?
Please keep in mind that the University of Vienna has an overall number of more than 370 Erasmus+ partner universities, so it is impossible to provide you with consistent information on this matter. However, most universities will require you to submit certain documents/forms, for example:

  • (often) learning agreement including your proposed study program
  • (often) online application
  • (often) paper application form from the host university
  • (often) proof of sufficient language skills
  • (possibly) copy of your passport
  • (possibly) passport photo(s)
  • (possibly) transcript of records of the University of Vienna
  • (possibly) copy of your social insurance card

What other documents might be necessary for the application?

  • "Nomination certificate": Some universities require an additional written confirmation that you have been nominated for an Erasmus+ exchange. If you need such a confirmation, please contact our office.
  • Other forms that have to be signed by the University of Vienna: If your host university needs a document to be signed by the University of Vienna, this can usually be done by the International Office. Exceptions: If the form requires the signature of the “Departmental Coordinator”, it has to be signed by the Erasmus+ coordinator at your department. Course programs cannot be confirmed by us.
  • ERASMUS Code und Subject Area Code: You might be required to specify this data when applying to your host university. The ERASMUS Code of the University of Vienna is: AWIEN01. The Subject Area Code/ISCED code depends on your field of study, a list of all codes can be found here.



Erasmus+ status: grant agreement with OeAD GmbH

OeAD (Österreichischer Austauschdienst)-GmbH is the Austrian central service centre for European and international mobility and cooperation programmes in the fields of education, science and research. In order to study abroad with Erasmus+, you will be awarded Erasmus+ status by OeAD-GmbH. Read OeAD-GmbH’s information sheet on the preconditions for an Erasmus+ mobility.

Through the Erasmus+ status, you will be exempt from tuition fees both at the University of Vienna and at your host university. Moreover, you will receive an Erasmus+ grant from OeAD-GmbH.

In order to be awarded Erasmus+ status, it is absolutely necessary to sign a grant agreement with OeAD-GmbH. Your grant agreement will be available in the Students Online portal, at the earliest 20 days before the beginning of your mobility. You will have to print out two copies of the grant agreement, sign them both and hand them in at Erasmus-Referat Wien der OeAD-GmbH. The OeAD-GmbH only accepts originals, hence the grant agreement cannot be sent by email – only submitted in person or sent by (certified) mail.

Attention! If you fail to hand in the signed grant agreement at OeAD-GmbH, you will not be awarded Erasmus+ status; consequently you will not be entitled to an exemption from tuition fees, nor will you receive any Erasmus+ grant from OeAD.

Please see our Financial matters page for more information on the Erasmus+ grant.

OLS - Online Linguistic Support

Within the Erasmus+ program the European Commission has created the Online Linguistic Support (OLS), which supports language learning for Erasmus+ mobility participants before and during their mobility.

Online Language Assessment

Students whose main language of instruction or working language is Bulagarian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish or Czech will be asked to complete an online assessment to establish their language skills before and after their stay abroad (students who are native speakers in these languages, are exempt).
The students concerned by this new program receive the invitation for the language assessment by email from the database. Results are not available to partner universities or coordinators and do not affect the Erasmus+grant.
Click here to open a presentation of the European Commission which shows you how the language assessment works.

Online Language Courses

Additionally, the online service tool provides online language courses for interested students to improve their skills in the same languages. Selected students receive the invitation for the language courses by email from the database automatically, all other students on request only.
If the main language of instruction (and thus the language assessed) does not correspond to the language of the country and you have reached a sufficient level in the assessment, you can also request an online course in the language of the country.
If, contrary to your expectations, you did not receive an invitation to the online language course after completing the assessment, please contact the International Office.
Click here to open a presentation of the European Commission which shows you how the language courses work.

Insurance coverage

An Erasmus+ mobility grant does not include insurance coverage. Students must make the necessary arrangements themselves in good time before they leave for their stay abroad. (Contact the health insurance carrier; get information on possible co-insurance or insurance through credit card issuer; if needed: take out a health, travel and/or accident insurance policy)

Formalities of entry and residence

You are advised to acquaint yourself with the necessary formalities in connection with your entry to and residence in the host country early on. You can find travel information on the Website of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you need further information, please contact the foreign representation (embassy/consulate) of the relevant host country in Austria. See here for contact details of the relevant foreign representation. Please note that special conditions of residence apply to third-country nationals and that in some cases, it may be necessary to obtain a visa for your stay in the host country.


Unfortunately, the University of Vienna cannot provide accommodation for you in your host country. For support and information concerning a place to stay, please contact the International Office of your host university. The experiences of former Erasmus+ students have shown that finding an apartment in the larger cities, and particularly in capital cities, can be a problem. It is also important not to underestimate the prices in these cities. What we can do for you: we can help you to establish contact with former outgoing students familiar with your destination, who may have advice and information for you.

The University of Vienna has joined the housing platform HousingAnywhere.com, which enables students to sublet or find a room during their stay abroad. HousingAnywhere primarily is a student-to-student platform, which, however, can also be accessed by external landlords in order to make even more rooms available.

With HousingAnywhere you can sublet your room to Incoming students during your stay abroad. Thus, you can keep it while you are away and use it again after your return. You will also help the University of Vienna to increase the supply of short-stay housing for our Incoming students.

As a student you can access the platform using your unet.univie.ac.at (or univie.ac.at) email address. External landlords will only be granted access after having been checked and declared reputable by HousingAnywhere in this cooperation, thus guaranteeing that all the offers are genuine.

The platform is basically free to use. There is, however, an option to use a safe & secure payment module which secures you the first monthly rent in compensation, should the student who rented your room not come to Vienna after all. For this option a separate fee is charged.

Please do make sure that you are allowed to sublet your room/flat before offering it on HousingAnywhere to prevent disappointments or misunderstandings. Please note that we do not mediate between landlords and tenants, nor do we accept any liability. For further details visit the website https://housinganywhere.com/de/how-to-list



Withdrawal/Premature discontinuation/Shortened stay

If you are have to withdraw from the Erasmus+ program before going abroad or to discontinue your studies prematurely (once abroad), please contact the International Office of the University of Vienna immediately. We will inform you about all further steps.



Extension of stay

If your original Eramus+ stay takes place during the winter semester, you can apply for an extension of your stay to the summer semester. You can also apply for an extension if the duration of stay indicated in the grant agreement with the OeAD turns out to be too short (e.g. if you did not include the examination period). Please note that it is not possible to extend a stay from summer semester to winter semester (no extensions possible over the summer break).

Steps to take in order to extend your stay:

Check with your host university whether they approve your extension of stay. Please note that the extension must not have any effect on the number of exchange slots (contingent) available to other students. If your host university discounts extensions from the contingent available to the University of Vienna (i.e. the extension would affect other mobilites), the extension cannot be approved.

Submit an Application for extension by email at the International Office of the University of Vienna. Deadline for application: 6 weeks before the end of your original stay. The application must be completed by the student (including an academic statement of reasons) and signed by the Erasmus+ contact person at the host university (second page). The first day of your extended stay must be the first day after the end of your original stay (even if during holidays). The duration of the extension must amount to at least 15 days. The extension cannot exceed the 12-month contingent for the Erasmus+ grant per study cycle.

If you have submitted the complete application together with the consent of the host university in the International Office in time, and if your mobility coordinator approves the extension (at the request of the International Office), the application is approved. You will be informed by email about the successful extension.

Please submit your extended Learning Agreement to the International Office - as soon as you know which new courses you are going to take in the extended period (the LA does not necessarily have to be submitted together with the application). Use the Learning Agreement during the Mobility form to get all the additional courses you wish to enroll in confirmed by your directorate of studies (SPL).

The Erasmus+ office of the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) draws up a new agreement granting your application for extension ("Zuerkennung"); as with the first agreement, you will then be informed by email ("Zuerkennungsmail“) and find your new agreement covering the extended period in the data base of the Austrian Exchange Service. Please sign the new agreement and resubmit it to the office of the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD-Referat) (BEFORE the beginning of the extension period!). Please bear in mind that the agreement with the OeAD – even for the extended time period – is imperative for an Erasmus+ stay!

Study Grant Recipients must file an additional application for extension with the Study Grant Authority since their grant is partially paid by this authority. The OeAD pays the additional Top-up for the extension ONLY upon submission of the official notice about financial aid for your studies abroad.

Confirmation of stay

Before your departure from the host university, it is necessary to get a confirmation of stay signed and stamped by the host university for the entire period of your Erasmus+ stay. A blank form can be found on the Downloads page; you can also use a form of the host university. ATTENTION: The confirmation of residence must be signed earliest one week before the end of your stay (according to confirmation), otherwise it will not be accepted by OeAD.

After the end of the stay, the confirmation of your stay must be submitted to the OeAD within four weeks (in person or by post, NOT to the International Office of the University of Vienna). Only then you will receive the second and final installment of your Erasmus+ grant or top-up. If your stay was shorter than originally stated, a proportional sum will be deducted on a daily basis from the last installment.

Please note that if you fail to submit your Confirmation of Stay to the OeAD, you will have to pay back the entire Erasmus+ scholarship!



Credit transfer

Erasmus+ is a full-time study scholarship, i.e. you should take classes worth 30 ECTS per semester. The detailed conditions (e.g. ECTS-reimbursement limit for the mobility grant) are part of the contract between students and the OeAD GmbH; you can find further information under "Financial matters".

To apply for recognition you have to submit the form „Learning Agreement after the Mobility” along the Transcript of Records from your host university to the Study Program Director (SPL).

Deadline for recognition:

  • As a general rule: 2 months after the student's return from his/her stay abroad
  • For students who return in June or later: November 15th

After approval of the transfer of credits by your directorate of studies, please provide the International Office with a copy of the Transcript of Records from the host university and the Learning Agreement after the Mobility (or notification of academic recognition - Anerkennungsbescheid). If the stay abroad was used for scientific research, these documents will be replaced by a written confirmation issued by your supervisor confirming your work progress (last page of the LA after the Mobility).

The recognition of courses by your directorate of studies (SPL) will be monitored by means of random samples by the National Agency on the basis of the documents submitted to the International Office. Therefore, it is sufficient to hand in the proof of study progress at the International Office (and ONLY when explicitly requested, at the OeAD).

In cases where evidence of recognition cannot be supplied, or where it is insufficient, and the fault lies with the student, the mobility grant may be entirely or partially reclaimed.

Student Grant Recipients must also submit the credits actually transferred to the Study Grant Authority. Please observe the relevant internal deadlines and guidelines!



Other administrative formalities

Registering your residence
The International Office cannot provide you with any information regarding the registration of your residence in Austria nor abroad for the duration of your Erasmus+ stay.

Family allowance
If you are unsure whether your claim to an extension of child benefit payments will be extended by an Erasmus+ semester, please contact your tax office. You may also ask for advice from the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH). If the tax office demands a confirmation of your Erasmus+ stay, please ask for it at the International Office.

Study Grant Authority
Student Grant Recipients must also submit an Application for financial aid for study abroad with the Study Grant Authority. Please observe the special deadlines and guidelines of the Study Grant Authority (Studienbeihilfenbehörde). On page 2 of the application it is requested to fill in the proposed study program and have it signed and stamped by the instance responsible for academic recognition („für studienrechtliche Angelegenheiten zuständigen Organ“). BOTH can be replaced by a copy of the Learning Agreement before the Mobility (already signed and stamped by the Study Program Director).


General e-mail address for Erasmus+ Outgoings:

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