Short-term grants abroad (KWA)

If scientific work (e.g. laboratory work, field studies, research in archives, libraries, academic collections, etc.) is necessary within the scope of your diploma/master's thesis or dissertation, you can apply for a short-term grant abroad (KWA).

Information on Coronavirus

Note: Until furhter notice, this information is valid for all KWA-research stays.

updated in February 2021

The University of Vienna aims to enable research stays, but will withdraw nominations in necessary cases (even at short notice). Basis for the decisions of the International Office is the assessment of security levels of the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs,

Research stays can currently be started at security level 1-4. If the level of travel warning of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs for your host country (or the region in which you intend to carry out research) is 5 or 6, your stay abroad cannot take place at the desired time and must be postponed.

Please note that an increase of infections may occur at any time. The restrictions in the host country may suddenly change and you may have to postpone your stay abroad again. In case of short-term tightening of the travel regulations by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, we reserve the right to block the scholarship (even at short notice).

If you start your stay abroad contrary to the above mentioned restrictions the short term grant abroad will be revoked and reclaimed without substitution.