Special situations

On this page you will find information on the following topics:

Students with several degree programmes

If you have been admitted to several degree programmes, you can apply separately in each degree programme for an Erasmus+ spot. You have to create an online application for each degree programme. Please inform each mobility coordinator at the time of applying that you have also applied in other degree programmes. You can only be nominated for one spot i.e. for one degree programme.
If you would like to take additional courses in a degree programme other than the one you were nominated for, please discuss with your host university, whether such courses are available and whether as a student on degree programme X you can take courses from degree programme Y. Please contact the corresponding directorate of studies regarding recognition at the University of Vienna. Only ECTS credits earned in the degree programme you were nominated for count as evidence of academic achievement. (Exception: students of Teacher Education)

It is not possible to take a leave of absence from your second degree programme at the University of Vienna while abroad. For further information, please see the Teaching Affairs and Student Services website. If you are also enrolled in another degree programme at another Austrian University you may be able to take a leave of absence from this degree programme for the duration of your Erasmus+ stay. Please contact the respective university for further information.

Students admitted to study at several universities must notify each university of their planned stay, if they wish to remain enrolled.

Teacher Candidates

Teacher Candidates with main focus on Education Science can apply in the study field "General Teacher Education". Students can take additional classes in their subjects if these are available at the host university.
The available spots are published on https://erasmus.univie.ac.at/site/plaetze (degree programme: "General Teacher Education").

Several degree programmes

Same as for students with several degree programmes, the following applies: Teacher Candidates can apply separately in each subject area and also for "General Teacher Education". You have to create an online application for each degree programme.
The following applies for Teacher Candidates: ECTS credits in all of your subjects count as proof of academic achievement.

Swiss-European Mobility Program

Switzerland is not participating in the Erasmus+ programme. Nevertheless, it is possible to undertake a study visit to Switzerland as part of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP).

Stays in Switzerland are managed in the same way as Erasmus+ stays by the Erasmus+ Outgoing Team of the International Office. However, in contrast to Erasmus+ stays, financial support is not provided through the Erasmus+ programme. Consequently, Swiss universities provide their inbound exchange students with a grant. For further information, please contact the respective Swiss university.

Students on exchange in Switzerland are exempt from paying tuition fees at the University of Vienna during the SEMP stay abroad. A stay in Switzerland will not be deducted from your Erasmus+ quota of 12 months per study cycle.