Application at the University of Vienna

The application for an Erasmus+ spot at the University of Vienna takes place at your department. Register on within the application deadlines and submit your application to your mobility coordinator who is in charge of processing the applications and deciding who will be awarded spots.

The documents needed for the application can vary depending on your degree programme. Please check your department's website for further information. If there is no information available online, please contact your mobility coordinator directly to ask about the documents required for an application.

After the application deadline has expired (we do not apply a first-come-first-served principle), the mobility coordinators nominate the selected students to the International Office. If you have been nominated, the International Office will contact you by e-mail, providing information on the next steps to take.

Application at the host university

Once you have received the official nomination e-mail from the International Office, you need to take care of two administrative procedures (these can be dealt with in parallel):

  • Submission of the documents to the International Office of the University of Vienna (detailed information regarding the documents and the deadlines can be found in the nomination e-mail)
  • Independent application to the host university within the deadlines


Advice on how to apply to your host university

Erasmus+ Status: grant agreement with OeAD GmbH

OeAD (Österreichischer Austauschdienst)-GmbH is the Austrian central service centre for international mobility and cooperation programmes in the fields of education, science and research. In order to study abroad with Erasmus+, you will be awarded Erasmus+ status by the OeAD. Read the OeAD’s information sheet on the prerequisites you must fulfil.

Through the Erasmus+ status, you will be exempt from tuition fees for the duration of your stay (both at the University of Vienna and at your host university).  Moreover, you will receive an Erasmus+ grant from the OeAD.

In order to be awarded Erasmus+ status, it is absolutely necessary to sign a grant agreement conferring your Erasmus+ grant. Your grant agreement will be available to download from the Students Online OeAD database at the earliest 20 days before the beginning of your mobility. You will have to print out two copies of the grant agreement, sign them both and hand them in at Erasmus Office Vienna of the OeAD ("Erasmus-Referat Wien der OeAD-GmbH").

Attention! If you fail to hand in the signed grant agreement to the OeAD, your Erasmus+ status will be revoked; consequently you will not be entitled to an exemption from tuition fees, nor will you receive any Erasmus+ grant. Therefore, please make sure to send the agreement to the Erasmus Office Vienna of the OeAD (“Erasmus-Referat Wien der OeAD-GmbH”) in good time before the start of your stay.

Please see our Financial matters page for more information on the Erasmus+ grant.

Online Linguistic Support

The Online Linguistic Support (OLS) tool supports language learning for Erasmus+ mobility participants before and during their stay abroad. In OLS you can take a language assessment (compulsory) and a language course (optional).


OLS language assessment (compulsory)
OLS language courses (optional)

Formalities of entry and residence in the host country

You are advised to acquaint yourself with the necessary formalities in connection with your entry to and residence in the host country in good time. You can find travel information on the website of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you need further information, please contact the foreign representation (embassy/consulate) of the relevant host country in Austria. See here for the contact data of the relevant foreign representation).

Please note that special conditions of residence apply to third-country nationals and that, in some cases, it may be necessary to obtain a visa for your stay in the host country. If you have any questions, please contact your host university.

Insurance cover while abroad

An Erasmus+ mobility nomination does not include insurance cover. You are required make the necessary arrangements yourself in good time before the start of your stay abroad. (Contact your health insurance provider; get information on possible co-insurance or insurance through your credit card issuer; if needed, take out a health, travel and/or accident insurance policy)


Depending upon the host country and city, it can be advisable to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. For support and information concerning accommodation and halls of residence in the host country, please contact the International Office of your host university.

The International Office of the University of Vienna can help you to establish contact with former outgoing students familiar with your destination, who may have advice and information for you.

The University of Vienna has joined the housing platform, which enables students to temporarily sublet their room or to find accommodation for their stay abroad. HousingAnywhere primarily publishes adverts from students who want to temporarily sublet their accommodation.


Further information

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Would you like to gain international experience before your Erasmus+ stay and meet fellow exchange students, maybe even incoming students from your future host country? Then you might be interested in joining the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

The Erasmus Student Network of the University of Vienna cooperates with the International Office and provides additional support to new exchange students at the start of their stay (e.g. the "ESN orientation week" at the beginning of each semester).
During the semester, ESN organizes events such as guided tours to cultural sights and companies, regular meetings, Welcome- and Farewell-Parties, excursions inside and outside of Vienna, film nights and much more.

Moreover, ESN coordinates a buddy system whereby students at the University of Vienna help and support international exchange students in finding their feet in Vienna.
If you are interested in joining the Erasmus Student Network or if you would like to register as a buddy for incoming students, please visit the following website: