Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes

Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPsare teaching/learning elements jointly delivered by several universities, combining virtual components with short-term physical mobility (min. 5 – max. 30 days). Below you can find information on the following topics:

Information for lecturers who want to organise a BIP can be found here.


Please note: Without exception, Erasmus+ funding for participation in a BIP is only possible if the University of Vienna is involved as a project partner in the consortium and you have been nominated by your department to the International Office in due time. Apart from that, a self-ogranised participation in a BIP is not administered by the International Office. This means that no registrations or other confirmations for a self-organised participation in a BIP can be issued by the International Office.

Befor your stay

Check with the mobility coordinator of your degree programme whether a BIP is planned. Erasmus+ funding for participation in a BIP is only possible if the University of Vienna is involved as a project partner in the consortium. The application for a BIP is submitted directly to the BIP initiators of the respective department - not to the International Office. The International Office is the contact point regarding information on and the processing of the Erasmus+ grant.

Information on the required application documents as well as the application deadline can also be obtained directly from the BIP initiators of your degree programme, who are responsible for selecting the BIP participants.

The BIP initiators will send a list of the selected BIP participants directly to the International Office. Nominated students will be informed in detail about the next steps and deadlines by the BIP team of the International Office approximately two months before the start of the short-term mobility. This includes information on:

  • registration (please note: a valid admission to the nominated degree programme at the University of Vienna is necessary!)
  • creating the learning agreement
  • completing the information for the Erasmus+ grant (financial checkpoint)

Please note: the recognition of the BIP of at least 3 ECTS in the nominated degree programme at the University of Vienna is a prerequisite for the participation in the BIP and for receiving the Erasmus+ grant.

Circle U. Summer Schools

Participation in the following Circle U. Summer Schools is funded as an Erasmus+ BIP: Rethinking Global Health, Empowering Climate Action: Policy, Communication & Agency, Democratic Governance and the Politics of Poverty. Please note the requirements above (minimum recognition of 3 ECTS). The application for participation is made directly to the respective Circle U. Summer Schools. The selected students will then be informed directly about the next steps for funding. 

Financial matters

Mobile participants receive an Erasmus+ grant for the short-term mobility within the framework of the BIP, which is paid in one installment after signing the grant agreement.

Erasmus+ grant

  • physical mobility period: 5-14 days – 79€/day
  • physical mobility period: 15-30 days– 56€/day


In addition, top-ups can be applied for, if applicable (further information will be provided in the financial checkpoint):

Green travel top-up: BIP participants traveling to and from the host institution in an environmentally friendly way can apply for a green travel top-up. This includes travel by bus, train or carpooling  from Austria to the host institution and back from the host institution to Austria. The top-up is applied for via Mobility Online.

Top-up for students with fewer opportunities (students with children, students with disability/chronic illness):

  • phyiscal mobility period: 5-14 days – 100€
  • physical mobility period: 15-30 days – 150€

The top-up is applied for via Mobility Online.

If the application for the top-up for students with fewer opportunities is successful, you will also receive a travel grant (the amount depends on the travel distance and the type of transportation used).

Information: recipients of the Austrian study grant are also considered as "students with fewer opportunities". A travel support will be paid upon presentation of a positive notification regarding the federal aid for students (the amount depends on the travel distance and the type of transport used). Please note: according to Erasmus+ regulations, it is not possible to apply for a top-up!

Inclusion support: Inclusion support is intended to cover additional real financial costs incurred primarily by participants with physical, mental, or health impairments. Inclusion support (based on real costs) and top-ups can be obtained simultaneously. The deadline for the application is three months before the start of the stay. For questions regarding the application and for further information, please contact the Erasmus+ BIP Team as early as possible.

After your stay

Confirmation of attendance

Before your departure from the host university, it is necessary to get a confirmation of stay ("Aufenthaltsbestätigung") signed by the host university for the entire period of your Erasmus+ BIP stay. This confirmation of stay must be sent to the Erasmus+ BIP team no later than 1 month after the end of your physical short-term mobility. The confirmation of stay can be sent either as an original hard-copy by mail (no printouts or copies), or digitally if sent directly by the host university to the Erasmus+ BIP team.

Final documents

  • Transcript of records: If your BIP is embedded in a course, implemented at the University of Vienna, you have to upload the transcript of records of your host university and the transcript of records (= Sammelzeugnis) of the University of Vienna (please highlight the respective course) after having successfully completed the course. OR
  • Notification of academic recognition:  If your physical stay at the host university has ended and it is not embedded in a course at the University of Vienna, apply for recognition at your SSC (or SSSt). To apply for recognition you have to submit the application for recognition along with the transcript of records from your host university to your SSC/SSSt. Once the recognition has been processed, you will receive a notification of academic recognition (= Anerkennungsbescheid). You have to upload the transcript of records of your host university together with your notification of academic recognition within 2 months after your stay in Mobility Online.