During / after your stay

On this page you will find information on the following topics:

Extension of stay

If your original Erasmus+ stay takes place during the winter semester, provided both your home and your host university agree, you can apply to extend your stay for the summer semester. You can also apply for an extension if the duration of stay indicated in the grant agreement with the OeAD turns out to be too short (e.g.  if you did not include the examination period in the final month of your stay). Please note that it is not possible to extend a stay from the summer semester to the winter semester (no extensions are possible over the summer break).

Steps to take in order to extend your stay:


1.) Approval of the host university
2.) Application
3.) Approval of the home university
4.) Extended Learning Agreement
5.) New agreement with the OeAD
6.) Those receiving federal aid for students

Withdrawal/Early return

If you have to withdraw from your nomination before going abroad or if you have to return earlier than originally intended, please complete the necessary workflow steps in Mobility Online. If you have to shorten your Erasmus+ stay, this is also processed via Mobility Online. 

Confirmation of stay

Before your departure from the host university, it is necessary to get a confirmation of stay ("Aufenthaltsbestätigung") signed by the host university for the entire period of your Erasmus+ stay.  A blank form can be found in the Download section; you can also use a form provided by the host university.

PLEASE NOTE: The confirmation of stay must be signed one week before the end of your stay at the earliest (according to the confirmation), otherwise it will not be accepted by the OeAD.

After the end of the stay, the original copy of the confirmation of your stay must be submitted to the OeAD within four weeks (in person or by registered post; NOT to the International Office of the University of Vienna). Only then will you receive the second and final instalment of your Erasmus+ grant. If your stay was shorter than originally indicated, this will be deducted from the second instalment proportionally.

Please note that if you fail to submit your confirmation of stay to the OeAD, you will have to pay back the entire Erasmus+ grant!

Recognition of examinations

Erasmus+ is a full-time study scholarship, i.e. you should take classes worth 30 ECTS credits per semester. The detailed conditions (e.g. reimbursement threshold for the mobility grant) are part of the contract between students and the OeAD GmbH; you can find further information under "Financial matters".

To apply for recognition you have to submit the form "Learning Agreement after the Mobility" along with the transcript of records from your host university to your directorate of studies (SPL).

Deadline for recognition:

  • 2 months after returning from your stay abroad
  • For students who return in June or later:  15 November 

After approval of the transfer of credits by your directorate of studies, you must provide the International Office of the University of Vienna with two documents, namely (1) a copy of the transcript of records from the host university and (2) the Learning Agreement after the Mobility signed by your directorate of studies (or the notification of academic recognition – “Anerkennungsbescheid”). If the stay abroad was used for academic research, these documents will be replaced by a written confirmation from your supervisor confirming your progress (last page of the LA after the Mobility).

The recognition of courses by your directorate of studies (SPL) will be monitored by means of random samples by the OeAD on the basis of the documents submitted to the International Office. Therefore, it is sufficient to hand in the proof of academic achievement at the International Office (and only if EXPLICITLY requested, to the OeAD).

In cases where evidence of recognition cannot be supplied or where it is insufficient and the fault lies with the student, the mobility grant may be entirely or partially reclaimed.

Recipients of federal aid for students must also submit documents on recognition of academic achievement to the Austrian Study Grant Authority. Please observe the relevant internal deadlines and guidelines.