Go International!

A visit abroad whilst studying is the best way to get to know new countries, (knowledge) cultures, languages and people.

The benefits you gain from this experience will stay with you your whole life long!

Study visit to a partner university within Europe

  • Bachelor’s, master's, diploma
  • Bachelor’s students: from the 3rd semester; master’s students: from the 1st semester
  • Duration: one term 
  • Monthly grant: € 420-520 (depending on the host country)
  • Application deadline: depending on your department, at the latest: 05 March (winter semester, summer semester) or 05 October (remaining places, summer semester)

Self-organised traineeship abroad with relevance for your studies in Europe

  • Bachelor’s, master's, diploma, PhD
  • Bachelor’s students: from the 3rd semester; master’s students: from the 1st semester
  • Duration of funding: 2 months to 5 months
  • Monthly grant: € 570 - € 670 (depending on the host country)
  • Applications possible throughout the year (at least six weeks before the start of the traineeship)

Study visit to a partner university in Australia, Canada, USA, Africa, Asia, Latin America, (Russia, Ukraine, Israel)

  • Bachelor’s, master's, diploma
  • At least two semesters in the field of study (Bachelor, diploma) and STEOP completed
  • Duration: one or two terms 
  • Monthly grant possible: € 250-500 + travel allowance
  • Application deadline: Oktober, November or February (depending on the country)
    May: Second Application Round for the summer semester

Study visit to an Erasmus+ partner university outside of Europe

  • Master's, PhD or doctorate
  • Duration: one term
  • Monthly grant: € 650 + one-time travel allowance
  • Application deadline: start of October or start of February

Funding to work on your thesis abroad (laboratory work, fieldwork, work in archives, libraries, academic collections, etc.) worldwide.

  • Master's, diploma, PhD
  • For research within the scope of a diploma/master's thesis or a dissertation
  • Duration: 2 weeks-3 months
  • Monthly grant: € 600-€ 1,100 + travel grant
  • Application deadline: 15 February, 15 May, 15 October

physical short term mobility in combination with virtual components

  • Study cycle: BA, Diplom, MA, PhD (depending on the BIP)
  • Duration: min. 5 days – max. 30 days
  • Grant: depending on the duration of the physical short term mobility and possible top-ups
  • Application deadline: depending on the BIP (contact department of your degree programme directly!)


Various mobility offers (virtual and short-term) to Circle U. partner universities:

  • Summer schools / winter schools (participation is financially supported by Erasmus+ BIP)
  • Joint courses with a joint event
  • Circle U. challenges (thematic programmes with a joint event)
  • Hackathons (thematic programmes with a joint event)