Erasmus+ Traineeship

Students on degree programmes at the University of Vienna can organise and undertake a traineeship in another European country and they can apply for an Erasmus+ grant for this.

Provided the traineeship is relevant to their study programme (= a sensible supplement to their studies), students enjoy considerable flexibility in choosing a placement. Recognition of the traineeship in the form of ECTS credits is not a prerequisite.

Do you need an internship agreement or convention de stage for your internship? Please read the information provided here.

Current information regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19)

Updated 01 April 2020

Due to the recent developments, the following regulations now apply to Erasmus+ traineeships:

For students who are currently abroad:
  • Due to the current developments the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a high security risk for all countries worldwide. It advises Austrian travellers to urgently return home and take advantage of the currently still available return travel options. See:
  • For further information on changes concerning your Erasmus+ stay (e.g. cancellation, intermission), we refer you to the e-mail from the OeAD (sent out on 13 March 2020).
  • Affected students have been contacted by the International Office via e-mail and are asked to proceed as outlined in the e-mail in case of a cancellation.
  • Please check the current travel regulations (if necessary in consultation with the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Extensions are no longer possible.
For students who have been nominated for a stay, but who have not started their traineeship yet:
  • The University of Vienna strongly recommends not to start your Erasmus+ traineeship at the moment due to the high security risk (level 4 and higher) proclaimed by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Please discuss with your host institution whether you can postpone your stay (earliest possible start date: 01.07.2020).  
  • Your stay has to be cancelled if a postponement is not possible.
  • Nominated students were contacted by the International Office via e-mail and are asked to proceed as outlined in the e-mail.
  • Traineeships for recent graduates: Postponing a traineeship for recent graduates is possible if the traineeship will end within 18 months after completing your studies, and if no application for a reimbursement of costs connected to SARS-CoV-2 has been handed in. Else, the traineeship has to be cancelled.
Special suppurt for cancelled, discontinued or interrupted stays:
  • The OeAD grants a special financial support if certain requirements are met. Please see here fo more information on whether you are eligible for applying for special support, and which documents you will need for the application.
  • Please send applications for the special support to and (cc'ed).
  • We do not have any additional information regarding the special support, as it is not processed by the International Office.
Information regarding new applications:
  • Applications for Erasmus+ traineeships which start before 01 July 2020 are currently not possible.
  • Applications for Erasmus+ traineeships which start after 01 July 2020 are only evaluated regarding whether the content and formal criteria have been met. Nominations are currently not possible, and it is currently unclear when nominations will open again. The International Office reserves the right to cancel exchanges in high risk areas (security level 3 and higher) at short notice and also after nomination.
  • Please note that the application deadline for Erasmus+ traineeships (6 weeks before the start of the traineeship) remains effective.
  • Please understand that our processing of new applications currently takes longer than usual.
Convention de Stage:

The International Office does currently not issue traineeship agreements for traineeships which start before 01 July 2020.

Availability of the International Office:

As the University of Vienna has stopped all operations requiring its' members attendance at the University, and has changed to emergency operation as of 16 March 2020, you can reach us solely via e-mail (

Important notice

Applications for the United Kingdom - Update 11.02.2020

The United Kingdom has left the EU on 31 January 2020 and is no longer a member of the European Union. However, the agreement on the withdrawal provides for the UK to participate in the Erasmus+ programme in 2020 (including the 2020 round of applications) without any changes. This implies the following for Erasmus+ traineeships:

  • Applications for traineeships which end by 30.06.2021 can currently be accepted.
  • Applications for traineeships which end after 30.06.2021 are not possible.

Further information on this topic can be found on the OeAD's homepage. We cannot provide information regarding the status of EU citizens, work permit etc. in the UK. Current information regarding these topics is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.