Application/before your stay

Information on the application procedure at the University of Vienna is available on this page:

Choice of university

Because of the limited number of places, it is advisable to list alternatives in your application (you can list up to 3 preferences)

  • The choice of university should be based on the courses available and the relevance to your studies
  • Certain subjects are not available to exchange students at American and Australian universities, e.g. Law in the USA, Medicine/Pharmacy in Australia and the USA.
  • We recommend that you study the partner university’s website carefully before submitting an application!

Country-specific information regarding applications

Detailed information on the exchange agreements can be found in the Portal of Mobility Online.

Application documents

Unless stated otherwise, all applications documents are to be completed in English.

Exception: for universities where the language of instruction is French, Spanish or Portuguese, the CV and the statement of purpose must be submitted in both English and the language of the host country.


  • Application documents

    The following documents must be uploaded with the online application:

    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Statement of purpose: please write a separate statement of purpose (one side of A4) for each university that you are applying for, setting out the reasons why you wish to study at that university (a separate file for each university). Be specific in relating the reasons to your past and present academic and extra-curricular experiences and your academic goals for the future.
    • Study plan: list 4 to 5 courses (per semester/term) you would like to attend for each university you listed. The number and the title of the courses is sufficient. Create a separate file for each University
    • Academic transcript (“Sammelzeugnis”)
    • 1st diploma certificate (only for diploma studies)
    • Bachelor’s degree certificate (official notification and certificate, if available)
    • Language certificate (TOEFL or IELTS score report or similar)
    • Proof of identity (preferably your passport)

    Please note that you don't need a letter of recommendation for the application at the University of Vienna. But your partner university might demand letters of recommendation after you have been nominated for an exchange. Further information can be found here.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted online via the registration tool Mobility Online. Applications open approx. one month before the applications deadline. 


  • The steps involved in applying

    Please note that this link for applications can only be used to register for a stay abroad as part of the Non-EU Student Exchange Programme. 

    1. Start by reading the guide on how to apply via Mobility Online.
    2. Make sure that you have all the necessary application documents filled in and signed, if applicable. They need to be uploaded in Mobility Online.
    3. Register and use the appropriate link from below:

    Step 1: Online registration in Mobility Online (the link will be activated approximately one month before the application Deadline

    • Link to the online application for AFRICA, ASIA (call closed)

    • Link to the online application for AUSTRALIA, CANADA, USA (call closed)
    • Link to the online application for LATIN AMERICA, ISRAEL, RUSSIA, UKRAINE (call closed)

    • Link to the online application for REMAINING SPOTS (call closed)

    Step 2: Completion of application details (second login via registration link) -->Guide: How to complete your application details

    For all subsequent logins in Mobility Online, only this link can be used

  • Problems with the online application

    If you have problems with the subsequent login (if, for example, a new application form is shown), please close all browser windows completely or use a different browser (e.g. Google Chrome).

    If you still have problems, try the following:

    • Make sure that you used the right link to log in (the registration link sent to you via e-mail cannot be used for subsequent Logins)
    • Make sure that you are using the right login window (you must log in using the login window for “Students at the University of Vienna”). Make sure that you are using your student u:account to log in (you cannot log in using a staff account!)
    • Make sure that you have entered your password correctly (case sensitive).
    • Read the section on troubleshooting in the guide on how to apply via Mobility Online.
    • If you are still having problems, please contact us via e-mail at Please include a screenshot. 

Selection procedure

The selection procedure for a non-EU study visit abroad comprises the following steps:


  • Submission of the application documents

    Depending on the agreement there are different application deadlines.  Applicants must submit their complete application documents via Mobility Online by the submission deadline.

  • Selection panel and decision

    After the formal check of your application documents they will be forwarded to the members of the selection panel for assessment. You will be informed about a week before the interview whether you are invited or not.

    You receive the result of selection 3-4 weeks after the selection panel via e-mail. Due to reasons of data protection it is not possible to give information about the result via telephone.

  • Application at the partner university

     As a next step, nominated students have to apply at their partner university (feb-may for WS, aug.-oct. for SS). Information about the deadlines and the application procedure will be sent to you via e-mail.

    Attention: Bachelor students who applied for an exchange in their master studies have to submit their transcript of records of their Bachelor degree by the time of application at the partner university. Please check specific information in our FAQ.

    Upon acceptance by the partner university your exchange spot is guaranteed and you can proceed with the next necessary steps (visa application, organisation of travel, etc.).

Recognition of planned courses

The recognition of your planned courses has to be confirmed by your study program director and uploaded in Mobility Online already before starting your exchange semester.

  • Minimum amount of credits: 12 ECTS/semester, Exception: University of Chicago 18 ECTS/ Semester (recognised!). Please consider before you apply that you still have enough ECTS.
  • Responsible for the recognition is your study program director
  • The signed pre-recognition form is a prerequisite for the start of the exchange as well as for the payment of the scholarship.
  • Deadlines: End of June for WS or academic year; Middle of December for SS

Intercultural training

Students who are nominated for an exchange in Asia, Latin America, Russia, Ukraine or Israel are recommended to take part in an intercultural training session. 

No intercultural training is currently planned for other nominated students.