Students who have been nominated by the University of Vienna for an exchange receive a place at a partner university without having to pay the tuition fees. In addition, the University of Vienna awards scholarships to the best-ranked candidates in the selection process.

As of the academic year 2022/23, the University of Vienna will also offer study places without a scholarship (but with exemption from tuition fees at the partner university). This additional offer is intended to enable students, who otherwise would not have been nominated due to the limited budget, to spend a semester abroad. It is expected that more than half of the candidates will receive a scholarship from the University of Vienna.

The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the evaluation of the candidates by the selection committee (quality of the written documents, performance at the interview).

Remaining places (application deadline mid-May) will be awarded without a scholarship.

Duration of scholarship

Where the placement is for one semester, financial support will be granted for four months (exception: University of Chicago for six months); for the entire academic year, it will be granted for nine months.

An extension of the scholarship is not possible.

Amount of scholarship

Depending on the country, the scholarship is between € 250 and € 500 a month. The travel grants are between € 200 and € 600 (single payment), again depending on the country.

Please note that the scholarship will not cover all the costs, but is intended to help students to deal with their increase in living expenses due to their stay abroad.


The notification letter (“Stipendiumszuerkennung”) will be sent to you electronically via Mobility Online. Payment will be made once you have provided your account details. The scholarship will be transferred to your SEPA account as a single payment.

The scholarship can only be trasferred after you submit the pre-approval recognition form (signed by your director of studies) of your planned courses at the partner university.

Students who are nominated for an entire academic year or for the winter semester will receive the grant in around July/August. Students, who are nominated for the spring semester, will receive it in around December/January.


  • additional grant
    • In addition to the grant from the University of Vienna, recipients of federal aid for students can apply to the Austrian Grant Authority for additional financial assistance.
    •  Sometimes federal provinces or local municipalities also offer small grants for exchange students. Please enquire at the pertinent office of your federal state or local municipality or see here.

Expenses at the partner university

Our exchange students are exempt from paying tuition fees at the partner university during their whole stay.

However, some partner universities charge special fees, such as a programme fee or a student life fee (e. g. University of Chicago, University of Illinois). The cost of language courses at the partner university must also be borne by the students themselves.

The University of Vienna does not cover the costs of insurance, visas, accommodation, etc. Students must bear those costs themselves.