During/after your stay

There are a few things to consider during and after your stay: 

Recognition of examinations/academic achievement

Students are required to obtain at least 12 ECTS credits per semester (exception: University of Chicago 18 ECTS per semester). The pertinent directorate of studies  is responsible for the recognition of courses. 

For any questions concerning recognition of examinations/academic achievement (recognition of courses, transfer of credits, grades), please contact your directorate of studies (“Studienprogrammleitung”).

What matters is the number of credits recognised by the University of Vienna, not by the total number of credits obtained at the host university.

In order for marks to be recognised by the University of Vienna, you will need a certificate from your host university.

Submission of documents

In order to confirm your stay at the host university and to document the proper use of the scholarship, the following steps must be completed in Mobility Online within three months after the end of your study period abroad:

  • Stating the costs and the use of the scholarship

Upload of the following documents

  • Personal report providing information about your stay abroad
  • transcript of records of your host university
  • official notice of recognition (Anerkennungsbescheid)