Target Group

If academic work abroad (e.g. laboratory work, field studies, research in archives, libraries, academic collections, etc.) is necessary within the scope of your diploma/master’s thesis or dissertation, you can apply for a short-term grant abroad (KWA).

Requirements for application: 

  • Degree students of all disciplines at the University of Vienna, max. 3 years after starting a Master's programme / max. 4 years after starting a doctoral programme (the age limit is extended by two years per child)
  • who have been admitted to a diploma/master’s/doctoral or PhD programme
  • The subject of the diploma/ master’s/doctoral thesis has already been approved by the administrative body responsible for study matters (“Studienpräses”) or by the directorate of studies 
  • Successful presentation of the doctoral thesis project at the faculty (only applies to PhD students)



  • A grant through the KWA programme is not possible if similar funding for a visit abroad is available to you in connection with your appointment as a PhD student or if you have already received funding or a grant for the same research visit abroad from another body of the University of Vienna.
  • Double funding within the  University of Vienna is not permitted as a matter of principle (this also applys to travel grants)!
  • KWA grants will not be awarded for study visits (e.g., seminars/lectures/courses or summer/winter schools) or for study visits and internships that can be undertaken through the ERASMUS+ mobility programme.
  •  Visits to conferences or congresses will not be funded.
  • The International Office reserves the right to block grants, at short notice if necessary, for regions which are deemed high-risk (level 3 or higher). This may occur even after the deadline for application has passed.

Language certificate

Written proof of the candidate’s linguistic ability to undertake a research visit abroad is required (language in which research is to be undertaken):

  • A certificate (less than 4 years old) or
  • Written confirmation by the scientific/academic supervisor at the University of Vienna


  • 2 week minimum; 3 months max.
  • Grants can be awarded for one stay during the MA course and one stay during the PhD course
  • Research visits can, of course, be extended at the applicant’s own expense. The applicant is free to make use of any other financial assistance that may be available to him/her. PLEASE NOTE: Parallel funding by the University of Vienna is not permitted! 

Criteria for selection

  • Necessity of a stay abroad in view of the degree course taken at the University of Vienna. PLEASE NOTE: A grant is not available while studying for a bachelor’s degree!
  • Nature and aims of the proposed research visit abroad (detailed research proposal and timetable)
  • Proof of the practicability of the planned activities abroad and preliminary work performed (see the relevant item under Application Documents)
  • Very good academic achievements to date (duration and grades)
  • Language and scientific qualifications of the candidates

In cases where there are several equally qualified applicants, applications for participation in already existing research collaborations or existing collaboration between the supervising persons/departments will be given preferential treatment.