Depending on the host country, the scholarship amount is € 650 - € 1,050 per month + a travel allowance of € 200 - € 900. You can find the list of country rates here.

The scholarship amount, calculated according to the length of stay and host country, is transferred as a total amount. 

A KWA grant can be paid anywhere in the world!

Please note:

  • Double funding by the University of Vienna is not permitted (this also applies to travel grants).
  • A grant through the KWA programme is not possible if similar funding for a visit abroad is available to you in connection with your appointment as a PhD student or if you have already received funding or a grant for the same research visit abroad from another body.
  • During their stay abroad, recipients of grants are not permitted to carry out any additional salaried work at the institution where they are undertaking their research.
  • Recipients of grants are obliged to work full-time on their research work and to be present at the location in question.



Exemption from tuition fees

If the duration of the research stay lasts longer than half a semester, students are exempted from tuition fees at the University of Vienna. However, the student's union fee must still be paid in order to stay enrolled.

After your nomination, you will be automatically exempted from the tuition fees. Please do not apply for a remission of your tution fees at the admission office.

If you have already paid your tuition fees before you were nominated for a short-term grant abroad, you will need to  apply for a refund. Please read the Information on applying in connection with this. If you have any questions regarding your application for reimbursement, please contact the admission office directly.