Studying at the University of Vienna

On this page you will find information about studying as an exchange student at the University of Vienna:

Semester dates

Winter semester 2022/23

Start of semester


Lecture period
(normally exams take place max. two weeks after the lecture period)


Public holidays 26.10.2022

No lectures


Public holiday 08.12.2022

Christmas break


Lecture-free period (semester break)


End of semester


Deadline for paying the fee for the Austrian Students' Union: 31.10.2022

Summer semester 2023

Start of semester


Lecture period
(normally exams take place max. two weeks after the lecture period)


"Rector's day" (no lectures)


Easter break


Public holidays 01.05.2023

Whitsun break


Public holiday


Lecture-free period (summer break)


End of semester


Deadline for paying the fee for the Austrian Students' Union: 31.03.2023

Winter semester 2023/24

Start of semester


Lecture period
(normally exams take place max. two weeks after the lecture period)


Public holidays


No lectures


Public holiday 08.12.2023

Christmas break


Lecture-free period (semester break)


End of semester


Deadline for paying the fee for the Austrian Students' Union: 31.10.2023

Summer semester 2024

Start of semester


Lecture period
(normally exams take place max. two weeks after the lecture period)


"Rector's day" (no lectures)


Easter break


Public holidays 01.05.2024

Whitsun break


Public holiday


Lecture-free period (summer break)


End of semester


Deadline for paying the fee for the Austrian Students' Union: 31.03.2024



Order your u:card
Student ID number and Payment of the Students' Union fee
Validate your u:card


At the beginning of each semester, the International Office organises information meetings ("orientation sessions") in German and English for Erasmus+ incoming students. Incoming exchange students need to register for an orientation session in order to complete their registration at the University of Vienna.

We recommend an arrival in Vienna two weeks before the semester starts. Orientations for the winter semester take place between the beginning of September and the beginning of October, the Orientations for the summer semester between the beginning of February and the beginning of March. The event lasts about 60 to 90 minutes.

During the orientation you will receive your student ID card and complete your registration at the university. You will also receive a Certificate of Arrival which confirms your registration. If required, it is possible to confirm an earlier date of arrival in Vienna in case it is not more than five days prior to the orientation. We therefore recommend that you choose an orientation session as close to your date of arrival as possible. You will also receive important information about living and studying in Vienna during the orientation (for example, first steps upon arrival, public transport, contact persons, etc.).

In order to confirm your registration at the University of Vienna and to issue your student ID card, personal participation in one of the orientation sessions is compulsory.

You will find further information to help you prepare for your visit in our checklists.


Dates and registration - winter semester 2023/24
Required documents

Mobility Coordinators

At the University of Vienna, the departments have their own mobility coordinators, who are responsible for all subject-specific matters. Please refer to your mobility coordinator for all questions regarding:

  • Courses
  • Course registration
  • Learning Agreement
  • Courses taught in English
  • Information on exams for the particular department

Mobility coordinators also sign confirmations of attendance which contain subject-specific details (e.g. the language of instruction, the last exam date) and your Learning Agreement as the "Responsible Person".

The International Office will provide you with information about your mobility coordinator

Course selection / Learning Agreement

Students at the University of Vienna create their own timetables for each semester and are accustomed to working independently.
Here you will find general information about the different topics. For further details please contact your mobility coordinator.


Course Types
Course catalogue (u:find)
Courses outside your nominated field of study
Stay abroad to conduct research for your thesis

Registration and de-registration from courses


Course registration
Mandatory attendance at the first course session
De-registration from courses

Learning Agreement

Your mobility coordinator signs your Learning Agreement as the "Responsible Person at the Receiving Institution". As the procedure regarding Learning Agreements varies from one partner university to another, we kindly ask you to clarify the following with both your home university and your mobility coordinator at the University of Vienna as soon as possible:

  • Does your home university use the digital Learning Agreement (which is transferred via the Erasmus Without Paper network) or does your home university use a PDF/paper version of the Learning Agreement?
  • What deadlines apply for the Learning Agreement?


Further information on the Learning Agreement for digital LAs (EWP)
Further information on the Learning Agreement for PDF/paper LAs



Online registration for lecture exams
De-registration from exams
Grading system and ECTS

German Course

Please note that there are no German language courses offered at the department of German Philology.

If you wish to improve your German language skills in preparation for your stay or during the semester, you can register for a German language course at the Language Center of the University of Vienna (“Sprachenzentrum der Universität Wien”) and obtain ECTS credits if you complete it successfully. They regularly offer the following courses:

  • Preparatory intensive courses in September and February (available also online)
  • Trimester Courses
  • Semester courses

Information regarding the range of language courses on offer, assessment for placement on courses and how to register is available on the Language Center of the University of Vienna’s homepage.

German courses are not listed in your transcript of records, but you will receive a certificate from the Language Center upon successfully completing a course. Please check with your home university whether a standard version of the Language Center certificate in German will suffice. If this version is not acceptable, you can present your German certificate to the Language Center Office to obtain a version in English.


Discounts for incoming students

Extension of stay

If you were only nominated for the winter semester, you can apply for an extension to cover the summer semester. It is not possible to obtain an extension from the summer semester to cover the following winter semester.

In order to apply for an extension of your stay, you must submit the completed extension certificate, which you can download after logging into Mobility Online. The form has to be signed by your home university and the mobility coordinator at the University of Vienna and must be returned to us, the International Office, by 31 January (via Mobility Online).

In order to complete admission for the summer semester, you must pay the Austrian Students’ Union fee for the summer semester. Do not forget to register for courses for the summer semester. You will find further information in the "checklist winter and summer semester".