Erasmus+ traineeships at the University of Vienna

Under Erasmus+, students can complete an internship abroad. Unlike Erasmus+ study stays, Erasmus+ traineeships do not require any agreements between the two universities who are exchanging trainees.

Interested students have to send their applications directly to the respective departments at the University of Vienna in order to find out whether the departments can offer an internship. The departments decide on a possible acceptance.

If students are accepted as Erasmus+ trainees, they will be registered with the Human Resources Department and receive a traineeship contract (“Volontariatsvertrag”) after providing certain documentation (see info sheet) to the receiving department in due time, who will forward it to the Human Resources Department.

In particular, students must ensure the following:

  • that they have adequate insurance coverage (accident, liability and health insurance),
  • that they have a valid visa/residence title for third-country nationals (Please mind: Erasmus+ interns are NOT registered as students at the University of Vienna).

The administrative handling is the responsibility of the respective department hosting the intern. The main contact person during the internship is the supervisor at the department. Information on requirements for an Erasmus+ traineeship grant is provided by the student's home university.

The International Office does not arrange traineeship placements at the University of Vienna.

If you are interested in an internship at the University of Vienna, please contact the institutions you are interested in directly. You can find a list at:

Please see the info sheet for detailed information.