The end of your stay

There are a couple of things that need to be considered at the end of your stay:

Confirmation of stay

Confirmations of stay (Certificate of Departure) can only be issued for physical mobilities in Vienna.

Home universities usually require a confirmation of stay from their Erasmus+ students. Please clarify with your home university in due time before your departure if they need a confirmation of stay and if so, whether they require a particular form to be filled in.

If you need a confirmation of stay, it is absolutely necessary that you come to the International Office to de-register in person. It is not possible to confirm the individual dates of your stay unless you de-register in person. If your home university will not accept our confirmation of stay but requires its own form to be filled in, please bring this form with you.

The confirmation of stay can only be issued not earlier than five days before the end of your study-related activities in Vienna.

It is possible to confirm your attendance outside the lecture period as well if you need to stay in Vienna because of study-related reasons (such as exams, writing papers or library research). The International Office can only confirm dates with study-related reasons, and if you de-register at our office in person. 

Should you need a signature on a form that confirms any subject-specific details (e.g. the language of instruction or the date of your last exam), it has to be signed by your mobility coordinator at the department. Subject-related details cannot be confirmed by the International Office.

Transcript of Records ("Sammelzeugnis")

The transcript of records lists all your grades and documents which courses you completed during your stay at the University of Vienna.

Please keep in mind that:

  • The International Office will not automatically send your transcript of records to your home university
  • The transcript of records only lists the courses for which you received a mark based on your performance (such as a written exam at the end of the semester, a seminar paper etc.)
  • Marks awarded by the Language Center are not included in the Transcript of Records
  • Marks for the winter semester can only be entered until 31 March; marks for the summer semester until 31 October

It usually does not take longer than one month for a mark to be entered into the system; this means, however, that most likely not all of your marks will show up in the system at the time of your departure. Should you urgently require a mark earlier, please discuss this with the course instructor in good time before your departure.

Should you encounter any problems regarding your marks, please refer to the examiner or the department.


  • How do I get my Transcript of Records?
    • Download from u:space
      You can download your Transcript of Records yourself any time (also after you’ve returned home) from your u:space account. You will find your transcript of records in the menu item "Personal Matters" and "My Documents". Transcripts of Records downloaded from u:space have an electronic signature which declares them as valid. Downloading your Transcript of Records will be possible at least until the end of your enrolment: 31 March if your stay was in the winter semester, or 31 October if your stay was in the summer semester.
      In case of questions or problems regarding downloading your Transcript of Records from u:space, please contact the ZID Helpdesk at
    • Pickup at the International Office or the StudyServiceCenter
      Should all your marks appear in your u:space account already before your departure, you can collect your Transcript of Records at the International Office or at your StudyServiceCenter (please bring your student ID card!).
    • Have your Transcript of Records mailed or emailed to you
      If all your grades appear on your u:space account, however your home university does not accept the electronic signature, you can request your Transcript of Records to be sent to you or your home university directly either via email or by post. Please send your request incl. the address to which the transcript should be sent to the International Office via e-mail.

      As we do not know when your Transcript of Records is complete, please check your u:space account (in the menu item "Personal Matters" and "My Documents") to see if all of your marks appear before you request your Transcript of Records to be sent to you or your home university.

De-register your residence

Before you depart from Vienna you have to de-register your residence at a Municipal District Office . You can only do this not earlier than three days before your departure.

For the de-registration you need the following documents:

  • the travel document which you used to enter Austria (e.g. passport)
  • a completed residence registration form (“Meldezettel”) WITHOUT a signature from your landlord. Old registration forms and confirmations are not required. 

There are no fees charged for the de-registration. You can arrange an appointment for the de-registration online

Further information on the de-registration of your residence.