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Information for students with mental health issues or physical impairments

Please contact us – the International Office – as well as the "Team Barrierefrei" ("accessible studying") right after your nomination in order to enable us to organise the best assistance possible. The Team Barrierefrei offers detailed information on how to access individual buildings, organise exams and other support services. Most of their websites, however, are only available in German. 

Team Barrierefrei ("accessible studying")
Email: barrierefrei@univie.ac.at
+43 (0)1 427710626
Telephone Counselling: Thursday, 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm

You can download a brochure (in German only) which covers all the relevant topics for students with mental health issues or physical impairments from their website.

Information is also provided by the “Referat für Barrierefreiheit“ of the Austrian Students' Union's Representation at the University of Vienna (ÖH, in German only).

Referat für Barrierefreiheit der ÖH
Office: AAKH, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 1; 1090 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)1 427719568
Email: barrierefreiheit@oeh.univie.ac.at
Office hours: Monday and Thursday from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm or by arrangement

Accessibility of buildings

Accessibility of buildings of the University of Vienna

Unfortunately, some parts of the university main building are difficult to access for people in wheelchairs. The International Office can also only be reached via a staircase and has no direct lift. However, the International Office will be glad to help you and provide individual appointments. The situation at the departments varies, depending on the various locations.

Information on the accessibility of buildings of the University of Vienna (in German only). 

Accessible accommodation

In case you are searching for accessible accommodation, we can recommend the Albert Schweitzer Haus apart from the information regarding "Accommodation" as they are very eager to offer appropriate housing for you.

Team Barrierefrei also publishes a list with accessible student dormitories in Vienna on their website.

Vision, Hearing, Mobility, Disease and other impairments

Students with physical impairments can claim special conditions when taking exams or technical aid; furthermore, different regulations with regard to the usage of the library apply.

Detailed information is provided here (in German only):

Psychological Counselling

The Psychological Counselling Services ("Psychologische Studierendenberatung") provides assistance with academic and personal concerns offering counselling, study advice, coaching, psychotherapy etc. All services are free of charge for students of the University of Vienna.

Psychological Counselling Services
Office: Lederergasse 35/4; 1080 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)1 4023091
Email: psychologische.studentenberatung@univie.ac.at
Office hours:
Monday to Friday: 9 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 3 pm,
except Tuesday mornings; open also during the holidays!

Further contacts in case of psychological and psychosocial crises:

You can contact the Team Barrierefrei ("accessible studying") directly for further questions


General email address for Erasmus+ Incomings:

Skype: erasmus_incoming_1
upon arrangement via email

Opening hours

Katharina Ferrando
Erasmus+ Incoming
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18215

Roman Schett
Erasmus+ Incoming
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Erasmus+ Incoming
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