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Registration at the University of Vienna - first steps

After having received your nomination, we will send you an email with information on the registration of your u:account and the registration in Mobility Online.  

If you do not receive this email by 20 May (for the winter semester) or 10 November (for the summer semester), please contact us via email.

Please read the information carefully which you receive from us. Most of the questions concerning the preparation of your stay will be answered by these messages.

An overview of all the steps which exchange students need to take to complete the admission procedure is available here: Admission Procedure

On this page you will find information on:

Semester dates

Winter semester 2017/18

Start of semester:01/10/17
Start of lectures:02/10/17
No lectures:02/11/17
Christmas holidays:18/12/17-07/01/18
End of semester:31/01/18
Semester break:01/02/18-28/02/18
Public holidays:26/10/17               01/11/17         

Deadline for paying the fee for the Austrian Students Union: 30 November 2017

Summer semester 2018

Start of semester:01/03/18
Start of lectures:01/03/18
No lectures:12/03/18
Easter break:26/03/18-08/04/18
Pentecost holidays:19/05/18-22/05/18
End of semester:30/06/18
Summer holidays:01/07/18-30/09/18
Public holidays:01/05/18          10/05/18                31/05/18

Deadline for paying the fee for the Austrian Students Union: 30 April 2018


Winter semester 2018/19

Start of semester:01/10/18
Start of lectures:01/10/18
No lectures:02/11/18
Christmas holidays:17/12/18-06/01/19
End of lectures:31/01/19
Lecture-free period
(Semester break):
End of semester:28/02/19
Public holidays:26/10/18          01/11/18          08/12/18

Deadline for paying the fee for the Austrian Students Union: 30 November 2018

Summer semester 2019

Start of semester:01/03/19
Start of lectures:01/03/19
No lectures:12/03/19
Easter break:15/04/19-28/04/19
Pentecost holidays:08/06/19-11/06/19
End of lectures:30/06/19
Lecture-free period
(Summer holidays):
End of semester:30/09/19
Public holidays:01/05/19

Deadline for paying the fee for the Austrian Students Union: 30 April 2019

1. Registration of u:account

After receiving your nomination from your home university, we will send you an email asking to register your u:account. With the u:account you will be able to use the IT services of the University of Vienna.

Please solely use the link provided by email to register your u:account - it is an individual link for incoming students.

Deadline to register the u:account:

1 June (stay starting in the winter semester)
15 November (stay starting in the summer semester)

The email you receive contains step-by-step instructions how to register the u:account. Please do take note of these instructions.

Please note: If you have studied at the University of Vienna before, you already have a u:account. In this case we will reactivate your old u:account; therefore please do not register a new u:account. Information regarding the reactivation is also provided in the instructions.

Your u:account is active as long as your enrolment is valid at the University of Vienna (i.e. students in the winter semester: until 30 April, summer semester: 30 November).

2. Registration in Mobility Online

After registering the u:account, students have to register in Mobility Online. Mobility Online is an IT system which the International Office uses to administer exchange stays. To register please click on the registration link which you receive by email. Please log in with your userID and the password of your u:account. 

Please solely use the link provided in the email to register in Mobility Online - it is an individual link which you can't find through Google.

Deadline to register in Mobility Online:

1 June (stay starting in the winter semester)
15 November (stay starting in the summer semester)

The email you receive contains step-by-step instructions how to register in Mobility Online. Please do take note of these instructions.

Review the nomination data

After students have registered in Mobility Online, the International Office will ask them to review the data which we received through the nomination as well as add further data. This is required to be able to prepare your enrolment correctly.

3. Registration in u:space / order your u:card

After you have reviewed your nomination data, you will be asked to register in u:space. u:space is the central access point for students regarding their organisation of their studies at the University of Vienna: 

  • Registering for courses and examinations
  • Viewing your grades and study progress in the record of examinations
  • Downloading and printing of transcript of records, confirmation of enrolment, student record sheet, etc
  • Paying your Students’ Union fee

Please wait for the request to register in u:space you will receive via email which includes the correct link for Incoming students.

To register in u:space please use your u:account userID and password. After registering in u:space you will be asked to provide statistical data.

Order your u:card

As part of your registration in u:space you order your u:card (the student ID card of the University of Vienna). Please take particularly note of the requirements for the passport picture you will need to upload.

For your preparation here are already details concerning your passport picture:

  • The head must fill about 2/3 of the picture.
  • The background has to be single-coloured and has to provide sufficient contrast to the face.

The photograph

  • shall be no older than six months
  • must allow recognition of the person beyond doubt
  • must be uploaded as JPEG or PNG file, max. 5MB
  • has to be in colour
  • must show nothing but the person to be photographed

Furthermore it is necessary to upload a scan of your travel document
(passport or identity card - which mentions your citizenship) and to accept the library regulations.

You will receive detailed instructions how to order the u:card. Please only order the u:card after having received an email asking you to do so.

You will receive your u:card during the orientation session. Please mind that only through the validation the u:card becomes valid (more information is available under "Validate your u:card").

4. Student ID number and Payment of the Students' Union's fee

You will receive your student ID number once we have prepared your enrolment (stay starting in the winter semester: by mid-August; stay starting in the summer semester: by the beginning of February).

Exchange students do not have to pay tuition fees at the University of Vienna. However, every student has to pay the fee for the Austrian Students' Union (ÖH = Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft) of currently € 19.70 per semester (academic year 2018/19), which also includes insurance. Payment is compulsory to complete your enrolment and in order to get your valid student ID card.

After completing the payment it usually takes not longer than a week for the money to be transferred to the system of the University of Vienna. We therefore recommend paying in advance using online banking. If you do not want to pay in advance, we will provide you with a payment form during the Orientation. You are therefore advised to schedule your arrival and the attendence of one of our orientation sessions in due time.

Further information on how to pay the Students' Union's fee

Please note that if the payment is not registered by the deadline (30 November for the winter semester, 30 April for the summer semester), your enrolment will not be completed. 

You will find information on whether your payment has been registered in your u:space account under "Financial Matters" (choose "Tuition fees/Student Union's fee"). Your payment has been registered, if the balance is set to € 0.

5. Validate your u:card

Exchange students receive their u:card at the orientation session, regardless of whether they have paid the students' union's fee or not. However, you cannot validate the u:card until the Austrian Students' Union's fee has been registered in the system of the University of Vienna.
You will be able to purchase the semester ticket for public transport and you may register for courses (you just have to activate your u:account) without a valid u:card. However, you will not be able to use the library for free nor get any student discounts (for example for theatre tickets).

The u:card has to be validated at one of the u:card terminals. You can validate your u:card only after you have paid the students' union fee and the payment has been registered in the university system.
Click here for all locations of the u:card terminals.

Further information and FAQs regarding the u:card

University of Vienna | Universitätsring 1 | 1010 Vienna | T +43-1-4277-0