Erasmus+ Staff Training Days 2023

The Erasmus+ Staff Training Days 2023 took place on 19 and 20 June at the University of Vienna and brought together participants from different partner universities from all over the world. The event started with an opening ceremony, followed by presentations on good practices at the University of Vienna regarding the challenges of artificial intelligence and on the university's efforts towards sustainability. After an icebreaker activity and lunch, the participants spent two days in their chosen service unit exchanging knowledge with colleagues from the University of Vienna. A visit to a wine tavern and a guided tour through the main building of the University of Vienna brought all participants together again.

The Erasmus+ Staff Training Days 2023 at the University of Vienna proved to be a successful platform for international cooperation and knowledge exchange. The participants from different partner universities intensively discussed and shared their expertise to enhance their professional competences. We are already looking forward to the next Staff Days!


Short Interviews

How did you like the exchange?

I loved it. It was a really good opportunity to meet people, that work in the same industry (let's call it like that). Working with students, communicating what's happening in the University... And I learned a lot, about how you do things and how open you are to trends, that happen and deal with research a lot... to learn how to do things. I really appreciate it - thank you for inviting!

What did you like especially?

The city - I loved the Danube. About the exchange: To see the volume of work that you have here, that is spread across different platform, across different target audiences... You work very smart, you work research based, you know your goal and then you implement it. You are a very young and professional team - I loved seeing it...

Will you come back?

I will for sure come back!!

Adi Kayam - Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

What did you like about the exchange?

I liked about the exchange, that I met so many people who are passionate about their work and I love people working in Communications and people working for Universities in general - because they are so passionate about what they are doing and they are doing it in a very loving and authentic way... and you can feel that energy concerning topics and it was very nice to get to know the same problems but also like different problems and solutions.

What did you like especially?

It was just two days - yeah - but I think we really made a lot of it... and I enjoyed meeting so many different people. Like I think you have a great team - a very huge team, I really appreciate how you work amongst each other how the atmosphere here is and thank you very much.

Was it your first time in Vienna?

It is not the first time in Vienna, but I always love to come here and I will always keep coming here!

Luisa Gerlitz - Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg