Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility

The teaching staff mobility offers:

  • International teaching experience
  • Continued professional development
  • Academic networks and international research projects
  • New input into your own teaching and research activities
  • Financial support for a professional stay abroad


  • Target Group

    Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility aims to reach academic staff of the University of Vienna, including lecturers and young scientific staff/junior scientists.

  • Requirements
    • Mag./MA; a minimum of 1 year  teaching experience
    • Employment with the University of Vienna at date of application and throughout period of mobility
    • Lecturers are eligible during the semester in which they hold lectures and are employed by the university.
    • Duration: minimum 2 days- 2 weeks, plus 2 days of travel; in exceptional cases: up to 1 month
    • Teaching assignment: minimum of 8 hours of teaching for a teaching stay of 2-7 days. For stays longer than 7 days the minimum hours increase (8 days: 10 hours, 9 days: 11 hours, 10 days: 12 hours)
      For longer stays please contact the International Office for teaching responsibilities (hours).
  • Application Process

    Application documents: Mobility agreement (see forms in the right column). The agreement has to show approval of your guest university and of the head of your organizational unit.

    If you are applying for the first time, please send your CV along with your application

    Application deadline: Applications are possible at any time.

    Approval of Application: The application forms are checked by the International Office. After approval a grant agreement will be sent by the International Office. This grant agreement has to be signed and sent to the International Office before the mobility starts (original document).

  • Application

    Please send your application to:

    The full application has to reach the International Office no later than 4 weeks before the mobility starts. This deadline applies only if there exists a partnership agreement with the guest university.  To find out if this is the case, please check the list ERASMUS-Codes of the ERASMUS-Partner Universities

    Important note: If your requested university is not on the list a new Erasmus+ agreement for teaching mobility may be signed. This process may take some time. Therefore please get into contact with the International Office early.  

  • Reimbursement

    After the time of mobility and the fulfillment of the formal requirements below the following costs are reimbursed acording to the regulations for travel subsidies.

    •  Travel costs
    •  Accommodation costs of up to € 135 per day

    The receipts, a proof of lectures given ("confirmation") and an online report have to be submitted for the reimbursement of costs. A call to fill in the online report will be sent to you after your return by an EU-Service email address.

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