Funding Opportunities and Programmes

This mobility programme is intended for academic staff (including predocs) at the University of Vienna wishing to undertake joint research activities with specialised colleagues at one of its strategic partner universities. Duration of stay: between 3 weeks and 3 months.

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Funding is provided for joint seminars/workshops/teaching activities with academic staff from our strategic partner universities. In this way, joint research projects can be developed (further) and applications for external funding prepared.

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Institutional Learning und Staff Exchange

Mobility measures such as job shadowing and team travel for administrative staff at management level support networking in the field of administration and facilitate a valuable exchange about practical experience.

Every 2 years the University of Vienna’s International Office organises a university-wide staff week, at which administrative staff from our strategic partner universities are able to participate.

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Teaching Staff Exchange

Teaching staff exchanges (guest lectures) with our strategic partner universities are organised via the following programmes: 

Externally Funded Collaborations

The University of Vienna and its strategic partners aim to apply for external (research) funding to strengthen their collaborations. This includes in particular the EU funding programmes Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020.