Mobility Fellowships - Chicago, Jerusalem, Kyoto, Beijing and Shanghai

Within the framework of the Strategic Partnerships, Mobility Fellowships are a newly designed measure to enable outbound mobilities of young researchers and mid-level faculty of the University of Vienna to one of the Strategic Partner Universities.

  • PhD (doctoral) students
  • Post-Docs
  • Univ.-Prof.
  • Tenure Track Professors, Assistant and Associate Professors and ao. Univ.-Prof.
  • Senior Scientists may participate in the programif they have existing research collaboration with colleagues at the respective Strategic Partner University.

Through participation in the Mobility Fellowship programme, existing personal contacts with faculty members of the Strategic Partner Universities shall be tightened and broadened. One particular aim of the Mobility Fellowships is to facilitate joint research with colleagues of the Strategic Partnership universities.

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Mobility Fellowships provide a daily grant of 80€ in addition to the regular salary. A contribution to travel expenses is also provided as a lumpsum, based on the destination of the Mobility Fellowship. Mobility fellowships are awarded for stays of at least 3 weeks and a maximum length of stay of 12 weeks.

For further information on the Mobility Fellowships please check the Guidelines.

Application deadline: 30 April 2020