Joint Life Sciences Course HUJI - UNIVIE

The Austrian Friends of the Hebrew University have agreed to pledge funding for the joint course “Experimental and Theoretical Frontiers in Life Sciences: joint course of the University of Vienna and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem”, led by Prof. Yehu Moran (HUJI) and Prof. Ulrich Technau (UNIVIE). Each side will receive funding in the amount of EUR 16,500 for travel and accomodation.

Up to 10 students from each university will visit the other institute to experience research in the various disciplines of Life Sciences. The course will include 2 days of lectures by heads of participating labs attended by students from both universities. The following phase will be 5 days of hands-on work in a host laboratory for the visiting students only, and each lab will host up to 2 students (resulting in 5-10 hosting labs from each institution).

Visits at the Hebrew University (The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences, The Faculty of Mathematics and Science) will be held in February 2024 and visits at University of Vienna (Faculty of Life Sciences) will be held in July 2024. After each visit, all students and teachers will participate in a half-day online seminar via a video-enabled platform for lectures given by students about their research experience in the other University.