Erasmus+ International Teaching Mobility - Incoming

The University of Vienna invites teaching staff from partner universities outside of the EU for teaching visits at the university.


  • Target Group

    Eligible applicants are faculty members (please note, that Emeriti are not regarded eligible applicants) of selected partner universities and respective disciplines (see Quicklink Section)

  • Requirements
    • Duration of stay: between 5 and 10 days at the University of Vienna (exclusively after consultation with the International Office at the University of Vienna). For details see Quicklink Section.
    • Minimum contact hours per stay: 8 hours at 60 min for stays of 5 to 7 days,  10 days = 12 hours, 12 days = 16 hours
    • Minimum 1 year teaching experience and completed university studies (master's degree or equivalent)
    • Member of the academia of an eligible partner university
    • Period of teaching staff visit: between March and June  or between October and January
  • Application process

    There is no deadline for applications. Interested teaching staff is invited to apply for a teaching visit at any time.

    Please contact the International Office at your home university for further information on the application. Other regulations and deadlines may apply.

    Contact with partners

    Teaching staff from the respective universities in the disciplines named in the Quicklink Section are invited to contact their partners at the University of Vienna to arrange a suitable term for the teaching staff visit between March and June or between October and January.

    Application form

    Please fill in the form "Staff Mobility Agreement for Teaching", have it signed by the head of your department, and send the scanned form with a CV (including publications and teaching experience) to your contact person at the University of Vienna.
    After your contact person at the University of Vienna has signed the form for the receiving institution, please send the completed form with a CV (including publications and teaching experience) by email to the International Office of the University of Vienna no later than 4 weeks before the mobility starts:

    Selection Criteria

    • Academic qualification
    • Mode and content of the teaching program

    Award of Grant

    The International Office of the University of Vienna will send a "Grant Agreement for Erasmus+ staff mobility for teaching" to the person selected for a teaching staff visit.

  • Reimbursement

    Upon presentation of the relevant invoices and acording to the regulations for travel subsidies:

    • Refund of accommodation costs: maximum € 140 per day
    • Refund of travel costs: please open the list in the section Quicklinks

    The participant will receive the refund for accommodation and travel costs at the Accounting & Controlling of the University of Vienna, personally (do not forget your passport!), after submission of the following documents to the International Office at the University of Vienna:

    • Letter of Confirmation for Teaching Assignment
    • Online report for the European Commission
      (it may take up to two days before the report is accepted by the Commission)

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.