Joint Curricula

Joint curricula (joint master’s studies programmes) are devised and implemented jointly by two or more post-secondary educational establishments. The initial decision about setting up joint curricula is made by the Rectorate. The subsequent steps are described in the procedure for setting up new curricula (see here).

In the context of joint curricula, the International Office provides information about possibilities for acquiring third-party funding (funding guidelines, tender documents, the application process), coordinates checking with regard to contract law of the Consortium Agreement, and acts as an interface with the Rectorate in respect of the third-party funding application. The International Office is not responsible for checking the Consortium Agreement with regard to matters of law relating to studying.

For advice on matters of law relating to studying when developing new joint curricula, those seeking to set up new joint curricula should contact the legal team of the Curricular Commission of the University of Vienna. For special questions on legal matters relating to studying which fall within the remit of the Dean of Student’s Office, the lawyer for the Dean of Student’s Office is available to clarify points directly with the relevant specialist lawyers at the partner university. The Coordination of Student Services team will advise on the technical mapping of curricula. Advocates for joint curricula must themselves clarify with the pertinent offices all questions on matters of law relating to studying and the organisation of studies which form the basis of the application for third-party funding, as well as with regard to the Consortium Agreement.