Negotiating Climate Change in the Context of Absolute CO2 Limits and Time Frames

Summer School at  Aarhus University


  • Dates:7–11 August 2023
  • Location: Aarhus University
  • Level/target group: The summer school is targeted at PhD students who have initiated a social sciences PhD on a topic of climate change. (PhD students who conduct a PhD within an e.g. technical science PhD programme but focusing on social science climate topics – e.g. examining citizen behavioral changes when introduced to new forms of zero-carbon transport –are very welcome on the summer school. The teaching is based on that the students have master level skills in social science disciplines.)
  • Costs: Tuition is free of charge. Participants will receive support for their travel, accomodation and subsistence costs. For more information, visit the school’s webpage.
  • Application deadline: 26 March

Course description

The summer school establishes an interdisciplinary approach to understand, examine and address the negotiations that determine current and future climate change and actions to handle the challenges of climate changes, in a perspective where societal actions are linked to the bio-physical reality of climate change. Negotiations and their outcome are vital for climate actions and for understanding climate change causes, impacts and solutions. Climate negotiations refer to the difficult dilemmas and decisions that are negotiated in policies and politics at different levels where competing interests are balanced, as well as in citizens’ everyday choices and behaviour, in business development, and in innovation, choice and application of technologies.


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