Liaison Officers

The "Liaison Officers" are the first contact persons for academic staff (prae and postdocs) from third countries to take a foothold in Vienna. This applies i.a. for initial information about visa and residence permit (also with regard to family members).

Contact point in Human Resources on topics of immigration
> Additional information on immigration law

Faculty of Catholic Theology Mag. Mag. Dr. Rudolf Kaisler, BSc
Faculty of Protestant Theology ADir. Elisabeth Cella
Faculty of Law Mag. Dr. Suzan Topal-Gökceli
Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics Kathrin Dolmanitz, BA BA MA
Faculty of Computer Science Christina Licayan, B.A. MA
Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies Herbert Kamleitner, MA
Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies Mag. Theresa Illes, MA
Faculty of Philosophy and Education Mag. Dr. Barbara Breunlich
Faculty of Psychology N.N.
Faculty of Social Sciences Mag. Dr. Roman Pfefferle
Faculty of Mathematics Mag. Alan Hazivar
Faculty of Physics Mag. Susanne Ninaus-Meznik, MBA
Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Elvira Vranckx Herrera
Faculty of Chemistry Mag. Brigitte Schwarz
Faculty of Earth ­Sciences, Geography and Astronomy Roman Schett
Faculty of Life SciencesSusanne Menschik-Zunzer
Centre for Translation Studies Barbara Berger-Kuklik
Centre for Sport Science and University Sports Martina Hochmeister-Postl
Centre for Molecular Biology ADir. Gerlinde Aschauer
Centre for Teacher Education Margot Kapfer, MA
Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science Mag. Dr. Annina Müller Strassnig
Nadja Holzleitner, BSc MSc