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New Partner Universities, New Programs: Visit at the University of Teheran

In January 2017, Lottelis Moser, Head of the International Office, Markus Ritter, History of Islamic Art and Head of Department of Art History and Lisa Winter, responsible for international university cooperation at the International Office, visited the University of Teheran.

The visit fostered discussions and exchange between members of both universities. New and further collaborative projects such as joint workshops, scientific conferences, the exchange of faculty members and students within short term programs and a cooperation between the departments of German language were reviewed.



f.l.t.r.: 1. XXX 2. XXX 3. XXX 4. Lisa Winter, University of Vienna, 5. Markus Ritter, University of Vienna 6. XXX 7. Lottelis Moser, University of Vienna 8. XXX 9. XXX 10. XXX
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