Non-EU Teaching Mobility

Non-EU Teaching Mobility

Short-term teaching visits for faculty members of Non-EU partner universities of the University of Vienna

The University of Vienna invites faculty members of its partner universities (please follow this link for a complete list of eligible institutions) to join the University of Vienna for a short-term teaching visit. The minimum duration of stay to teach is 3 weeks, the maximum 90 days. Invited candidates receive a work contract with the University of Vienna for up to 90 days.

The teaching assignment comprises a blocked course of 30 in-class contact hours. The language of instruction is English, or, exceptionally, the specific language of a programme of the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies.

Application procedure

Applicants are invited to get in contact with a faculty member in their specific academic field of the University of Vienna for support in view of including in the application for the planned teaching visit a mandatory endoresement by one of the directorates of studies at the University of Vienna. The letter by the relevant director of study proves that the proposed course fits into at least one of University of Vienna’s degree programs and complements existing courses. In order to obtain the requested letter, applicants provide their academic contact person at the University of Vienna with a detailed concept of their planned teaching activities.

Upon receipt of a signed endorsement letter of one of the directorates of studies, applicants are asked to

>> apply via Mobility Online

(PDF: Information on Online Application Non- EU Teaching Mobility)


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