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Joint Seminar Professor Ulrich Technau and Dr. Yehu Moran (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The Strategic Partnership with Hebrew University was signed in 2015 and up to now four joint seminars took place, where scientists from the Hebrew University and the University of Vienna met to exchange ideas and to prepare proposals for third party funding.

From 27 to 28 September 2016 Porfessor Technau's and Dr. Moran's research group exchanged knowledge of the newest experimental techniques the two teams use for their study of Nematostella vectensis, a representative of the Cnidaria (sea anemones, corals, jellyfish and hydras). In the picture (from left, 1st row) Yaara Shenkar, Dr. Yehu Moran (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Dr. Alison Cole, Professor Technau, Dr. Qi Zhou, Daniela Praher, Rohit Dnyansagar, Ekaterina Pukhlyakova, and Patricio Ferrer Murguia (University of Vienna).

From left, 2nd row: Andreas Denner, Julia Steger, Marcus Strobl, Dr. Adrien Demilly, Stefan Jahnel, Dr. Grigory Genikhovich (University of Vienna), Arie Fridrich and Dr. Venky Modepalli (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Dr. Sabrina Kaul-Strehlow and Maayan Raam could not attend the meeting.

"Dr. Moran has spent three and a half years in my lab as a postdoctoral Researcher. After returing to Israel, he obtained the prestigious Alon prize and an ERC-Start Grant and has built a strong young research team at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Through the Joint Seminar initiative we seized the opportunity to discuss ongoing and future collaborations that can enable higher synergism between our Research Groups which bring together different Backgrounds on molecular evolutionary biology", explains Professor Technau, Head of the Department of Molecular Evolution and Development at the University of Vienna.

Within the framework of Strategic Partnerships, the University of Vienna promotes close scientific cooperation with selected, internationally renowned partner universities through the specific use od additional resources existing and paves the way for sustainable bilateral top-level research. In the picture: Rohit Dnyansagar (University of Vienna), elaborates on a cross-atlantic relationship of a parasitic cnidarian.

The Non-EU Exchange Program offers four students of the University of Vienna the opportunity to study at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Within the ERASMUS+ International Mobility, the Hebrew University and the University of Vienna exchange teachers as well as students.

For more information on Joint Seminars please contact the International Office at the University of Vienna (Ms. Lisa Winter, lisa.winter@univie.ac.at, DW 182 35).

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