univie: winter school 2019 for Cultural Historical Studies

"The Discovery of Modernity - Vienna Around 1900"

The univie: winter school for Cultural Historical Studies took place in Vienna from February 1-15, 2019.
The two week program combined first class academic courses with an extensive social and cultural program.

"I had a really great time in the University of Vienna, as the professors were genuine, warm and helpful in terms of giving assistance in the best way that they could. Coming from Southeast Asia, I recognize that there were a few distinctive differences between the culture in Asia and in Europe. However, the winter school program department certainly organized the courses well and I find the courses overall enjoyable. I am glad I had the best 2 weeks in Vienna and I am glad that I have made many friends from different countries.

Xian Qi Low, Monash University Malaysia, student of Business & Commerce

"The univie winter school was a fabulous opportunity to learn new things both inside the classroom and outside. The brilliant classes we had in the morning with excellent professors were complemented in the afternoon with excursions or free time to discover the city and its fascinating museums and coffee houses. It was very rewarding to spend some time in a city that breathes culture and is also only a short bus ride away from other amazing european cities. It was an unforgettable opportunity to learn, travel and meet people from all over the world, truly one of the best experiences of my life.

Jaqueline Cassemiro, Università di Bologna and Université de Haute-Alsace , student of Erasmus Mundus European Literary Culture