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univie: summer/winter schools are open to international and local students, mainly for those studying towards a master’s or doctoral degree. Under certain circumstances, undergraduate or post-doctoral students may be permitted.

Benefits for Participants

For the duration of the programme, participants of univie: summer/winter schools are registered as extraordinary students. Thus, they will enjoy insurance cover, access to the library system (Vienna University Library is the largest library in Austria) as well as access to the e-learning platform (if applicable).

Certificates and Transcripts

Participants who fulfil the attendance requirements of their chosen programme will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. If you submit paper/s and/or other coursework, you will also receive an official Transcript of Records, detailing your grades and your earned credits.


The workload of an univie: summer/winter school is measured in ECTS credits.

The use of ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) at European universities should ensure the possibility to transfer credits from one university to another (also across borders) and to enhance the level of transparency. 1 ECTS credit equals 25 work hours.

Participants of univie: summer and winter schools can earn up to 18 ECTS (depending on the chosen short programme). 

Transfer of Credits (home institution credit)

The University of Vienna produces official transcripts for its univie: summer/winter schools.


In Austria, a student’s performance is evaluated according to a five-point academic grading scale: 

International Grading Scale

Austrian Grading Scale
A (excellent/Sehr Gut)1
B (good/Gut)2
C (satisfactory/Befriedigend)3
D (sufficient/Genügend)4
E (unsatisfactory/Nicht Genügend)        5


Language of Instruction

The language of instruction is, unless otherwise stated, English.

Programme Fees/Financing

The majority of univie: summer / winter schools is financed by participant fees. Participants of a univie: summer/winter school have the opportunity to receive a tuition waiver for their selected school from the University of Vienna. Detailed information on the univie: summer/winter school tuition waiver can be obtained here.

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