Financial matters

The information below is relevant for student in the Erasmus+ old program generation. You are part of this group, if your traneeship starts before September 1, 2021 or if you are going to the United Kingdom.

Erasmus+ Grant

The amount of grant depends upon the country; you will find information on the current level of grants here.

The Erasmus+ mobility grant can be received in addition to any salary to be paid for your traineeship and in addition to federal aid for students (“Studienbeihilfe”).

The prerequisite for payment of the Erasmus+ mobility grant is being nominated for an Erasmus+ stay. Recognition of the traineeship in the form of ECTS credits is not a prerequisite for being awarded an Erasmus+ mobility grant.

Tuition fees and students’ union fee

If the duration of the traineeship amounts to more than half a semester, students are exempted from tuition fees at the University of Vienna. However, the students' union fee must still be paid in order to stay enrolled.

After your nomination, you will be automatically exempted from the tuition fees. Please do not apply for a remission of your tution fees at the admission office.

If you have already payed your tution fees before you were nominated for an Erasmus+ traineeship, you will need to apply for reimbursement. Please read the admission office's information on how to apply for reimbursement. If you have any questions regarding your application for reimbursement, please contact the admission office directly.

Federal aid for students and financial aid for studies abroad

Those in receipt of federal aid for students must state that they are receiving federal aid for students in their application. Federal aid for students will continue to be paid during the time spent abroad. If you have any questions on federal aid for students, please contact the Austrian Study Grant Authority in Vienna. (“Stipendienstelle Wien”). 

As the legal situation stands, students undertaking an Erasmus+ traineeship are not entitled to financial aid for studies abroad.

Students with children

If you are going to take your child/children with you on your Erasmus+ stay, you can apply to the OeAD for additional financial aid for students with children in addition to the regular Erasmus+ grant. This amounts to €120 per month for the first child. For the second and third child, another €30 will be added to this fixed payment for each child.

Once you have submitted the Erasmus+ documents (Learning Agreement, etc.), please submit the application for additional financial aid to the International Office. The International Office will sign your application and forward it for the OeAD.



Students with special needs

Erasmus+ takes inclusion very seriously. Students with a disability or chronic illness can apply for additional financial aid to cover any additional costs that might arise due to their stay abroad (e.g. medical attendance, transportation of equipment).



Helpful links for outgoing students with physical, mental or health-related impairments

Data protection

Personal data are confidential and will only be processed in accordance with the applicable national laws insofar as this is necessary with regard to your application and participation in the Erasmus+ programme.