Financial matters

The information below is relevant for student in the Erasmus+ old program generation. You are part of this group, if your semester starts before September 1, 2021 or if you are going to the United Kingdom.


On this page you will find information on financial support for your Erasmus+ stay:

Erasmus+ grant

Erasmus+ students will receive an Erasmus+ grant. Depending on the program generation, the grant will be paid either by the OeAD-GmbH (old Erasmus+ generation) or the International Office (new Erasmus+ generation).

In general, you should take classes worth 30 ECTS credits per semester. The reimbursement threshold for the mobility grant depends on the duration of your stay but consists of at least 3 recognised ECTS credits per study month abroad (only the ECTS recognised by the University of Vienna count!)

The amount of the grant (approx. € 400 per month) depends on the host country (see list of grant amounts by host country for 2021/22). You will receive 80% of the grant at the beginning of your Erasmus+ stay, after submitting the signed grant agreement. The remaining 20% (if the confirmation of stay shows that your stay was shorter than originally indicated, this will be deducted from the second instalment proportionally) will be paid after your Erasmus+ stay, after submitting the confirmation of stay to the OeAD/the International Office.

If you receive federal aid for students ("Studienbeihilfe") from the Austrian Study Grant Authority ("Stipendienstelle"), you can also apply at the Study Grant Authority for financial aid for your studies abroad ("Auslandsbeihilfe"). 

Tuition fees

You are exempt from paying tuition fees at the University of Vienna and at the host university for the duration of your Erasmus+ stay. However, it is absolutely necessary to pay the students’ union fee (ÖH-Beitrag) by the deadline, even during your semester abroad, in order to ensure that you remain enrolled at the University of Vienna. Please note that some host universities also charge incoming Erasmus+students similar fees (comparable to the students’ union fee) – you cannot be exempted from these fees.

A leave of absence from the University of Vienna will not be granted during a semester abroad. For more detailed information, please see the Teaching Affairs and Student Services website. However, if you are also enrolled in another degree programme at another Austrian University you may be able to take a leave of absence from this degree programme for the duration of your Erasmus+ stay. Please contact the respective university for further information.

Students who have been admitted to study at several universities simultaneously must notify each one of these universities of their proposed stay abroad if they wish to remain enrolled.

No additional semester of tolerance ("Toleranzsemester") will be granted because of an Erasmus+ stay abroad, that is to say, students must remain within the prescribed minimum duration of study +2 "semesters of tolerance".

Please note, however, that an Erasmus+ stay might entitle you to an additional semester of family allowance ("Familienbeihilfe").

Those receiving federal aid for students

If you receive federal aid for students ("Studienbeihilfe"), in order to finance your Erasmus+ semester you can also apply for financial aid for studies abroad ("Auslandsbeihilfe") from the Study Grant Authority. From the academic year 2019/20 onwards it is possible to receive both "Auslandsbeihilfe" and Erasmus+ grant simultaneously. Here you can find more information (in German) on financial aid for studies abroad („Auslandsbeihilfe“) and the travel grant.

Please note that if you receive financial aid for studies abroad, you have to submit proof of performance (min. 3 ECTS per month of stay abroad), otherwise you will have to pay back the financial aid for studies abroad. However, this will not have an effect on the federal aid for students (“Studienbeihilfe”).

Students with children

If you are going to take your child/children with you on your Erasmus+ stay, you can apply to the OeAD for additional financial aid for students with children in addition to the regular Erasmus+ grant. This amounts to €120 per month for the first child. For the second and third child, another €30 will be added to this fixed payment for each child.

Once you have submitted the Erasmus+ documents (Learning Agreement, etc.), please submit the application for additional financial aid to the International Office. The International Office will sign your application and forward it for the OeAD.



Students with special needs

Erasmus+ takes inclusion very seriously. Students with a disability or chronic illness can apply for additional financial aid to cover any additional costs that might arise due to their stay abroad (e.g. medical attendance, transportation of equipment).



Helpful links for outgoing students with physical, mental or health-related impairments

Data protection

Personal data are confidential and will only be processed in accordance with the applicable national laws insofar as this is necessary with regard to your application and participation in the Erasmus+ programme.