Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement for Erasmus+ is the main and most important document of your Erasmus+ International stay. It has three parts:


  • Learning Agreement before the Mobility

    The Learning Agreement has to be signed by all three parties (student, directorate of studies (SPL), host university) before the study visit. The minimum requirement in order to receive an Erasmus+ grant is 3 ECTS credits per month. It is not how many credits you get at the host university that matters; only the ECTS credits recognised by the University of Vienna count.

    Following successful application, please fill in the first part, "Before the Mobility", in consultation with your directorate of studies and get it signed by the latter. Once you have signed the document and had it signed by your directorate of studies, the International Office forwards it to the respective host university. The choice of courses also has to be confirmed by the partner university.

    Please note that you have to select courses in the field of study you have been nominated and accepted for.

  • Learning Agreement during the mobility

    In the event that there are changes to the originally proposed programme of studies, please use the second part of the Learning Agreement "During the Mobility". You can add additional courses ("added component") and/or delete unnecessary courses ("deleted component"). Please have the changes signed by your host university ("receiving institution"). Always discuss the changes with your directorate of studies (SPL) to ensure that the changes you are planning are feasible. Once you have discussed it with your SPL, please forward a copy of the Learning Agreement “During the Mobility”, signed by your SPL, to the International Office. Agreement via e-mail is also acceptable. In this case, you must archive the relevant e-mails.

    Any changes to the original Learning Agreement should, logically, be made as soon as possible at the beginning of the semester, leaving you enough time to register for different courses if there is any problem with recognition by the SPL.

  • Learning Agreement after the mobility

    The Learning Agreement "After the Mobility" together with the transcript of records issued by your host university is the application form for recognition by the University of Vienna of the courses you took abroad. Once your SPL has confirmed recognition of your credits with a signature, please submit a copy of the signed "Learning Agreement after the Mobility" and any other final documents to the International Office of the University of Vienna.