Students of the University of Vienna receive a grant of up to € 700/month plus a one-off variable travel expenses supplement (currently between € 180 and € 1500 depending upon the host country).

The grant is a scholarship which is paid for a maximum of four months.

Payment is made in two instalments:

  • 70% of the grant is paid out together with the travel supplement before the start of your stay abroad (around the start of August for the winter semester and the end of January for the summer semester). The prerequisite for this is a signed Grant Agreement.
  • You will receive the remaining 30% once you have submitted the other final documentation. Please note that you will have to bear any other costs (accommodation, visa, insurance, etc.) yourself.

Tuition fees and students’ union fee

You are exempt from paying tuition fees at the University of Vienna and at the host university for the duration of your Erasmus+ stay. However, you must pay the students’ union fee by the deadline even during your stay abroad, otherwise you will be de-registered. Some host universities also charge fees per semester which are comparable to the students’ union fee – you cannot be exempted from these fees.


  • Leave of absence

    A leave of absence from the University of Vienna will NOT be granted during a semester abroad. For more detailed information, please see the Teaching Affairs and Study Services website. If, however, you are also enrolled on another course at another Austrian University, you may be able to take a leave of absence from this course for the duration of your Erasmus+ International stay. Please contact the pertinent university for further information. 

    Students admitted to study at several universities must notify each university of their planned visit abroad, if they wish to remain enrolled.

  • Semester of tolerance

    As far as tuition fees is concerned, NO additional semester of tolerance is granted in respect of an Erasmus+ study visit (i.e. students must remain within the minimum period + 2 semesters of tolerance in order to avoid having to pay fees. The number of semesters of tolerance is NOT increased by a stay abroad during the period) 

    Family allowance may be awarded for an additional semester as a result of an Erasmus+ study visit.