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List of application documents

In electronic form and as hard copies:


  • Online application form
  • Upload: CV including list of publications
  • Upoad: detailed description of research proposal, 3 A4 pages max. (methodology including task and time schedule) and bibliography.

Information concerning preparations already carried out and justification of the necessity of  carrying out the proposed research abroad, if necessary a questionnaire for interviews or surveys (approved by supervisor).

  • Upload: academic records to date: transcript of records (Sammelzeugnis)
  • Upload: proof of submission of the proposed subject of diploma/master/doctoral thesis.

Please use the “Subject and supervision of diploma/master thesis“ form („Thema und Betreuung der Diplomarbeit/Masterarbeit“ ) if you are working on a diploma thesis and the “Notification of subject for doctoral thesis“ form („Anmeldung des Dissertationsthemas“)  if you are working on a doctoral thesis (copy available at the StudienServiceCenter)

  • Upload: written confirmation from the foreign institution or from the supervising professor at the foreign institution concerning supervision and/or feasibility

If interviews need to be conducted, proof of the consent of the proposed interviewees (via fax, e-mail, letter, confirmation); in case of subject-specific courses: confirmation of enrolment in the course in question

  • Upload: certification of proficiency in the required foreign language. (Proof of language qualification for the proposed research project must be supplied in writing, e. g. by  a confirmation issued by the scientific supervisor or by a language teacher of the university.) Matura report grades will not be accepted as sufficient proof!

As hard copy:

  • Letter of recommendation, signed by the scientific supervisor and submitted in a closed envelope. The letter of recommendation should contain a detailed discussion of why  the proposed research stay is of essential importance to the applicant’s work.

Please send the hard copies to the International Office (DLE Internationale Beziehungen) (for details, see “Application deadline and submission”).
All uploads can be uploaded as pdf or Word documents.


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