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Central College - Language Assistant Position

The Central College is looking for German language assistants. Each academic year one student from the University of Vienna gets the chance to be a German language assistant at the Central College. For all the required qualifications please have a look at our prerequisites.

Central College is a private four-year institution of higher learning, which has had a long tradition in excellence in foreign language education and overseas study programs. The college has/offers language labs, language houses, computer instruction, language clubs and extracurricular activities. Central College students are offered the opportunity to practice the language outside of class, but also learn about the customs and perspectives of another nation from their language assistans.

Language assistants are required to work for the Department of Modern Languages for approx. 20 hours per week. This includes formal, schedueld work such as in-class activities, language labs, tutoring, office work, preliminary corrections of student work and materials preperations. In addition, spontaneous work such as language club activities and special events may be required.

Language assistants may take any classes at the college in which they are interested and for which they are qualified without paying tuition (at least two courses per semester, a maximum of three to four courses per semester). For college courses please consult the Central Course Catalogue at http://www.central.edu/.

Central College provides living expenses consisting of free housing, free meals, free tuition, and a monthly stipend (approx. 315$/month).

Central College application documents

  • Application form (2 copies) with a photograph each
  • Curriculum vitae (2 copies)
  • Statement of purpose (2 copies): Please write a 1 page essay stating your reasons why you want to study and work as a language assistant at Central College. Be specific in relating those reasons to your past and current academic and extra-curricular experience and your goals in the future.
  • Two letters of recommendation by professors of the University of Vienna
  • Transcript = “Sammelzeugnis”
  • Study plan (2 copies): List 1 to 3 courses (per semester) you would like to study at Central College (just the code and the title of the courses).
  • 2 copies of TOEFL test score


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