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Information on the new ERASMUS program

As you may have already heard, the new ERASMUS+ program will be launched in the academic year 2014/15. This will result in some changes of the Erasmus regulations which will be published regularly on our website in spring 2014.

The Erasmus places for the upcoming academic year are already published at erasmus.univie.ac.at - please register online from 27 January 2014. Please also make sure to submit your application directly to your departmental coordinator.


(Please note that this list will be continously updated.)

Duration of stay

From 2014/15 onwards, students will have the possibility to experience several ERASMUS stays during their studies. The new ERASMUS+ program offers 12 months per study cycle (bachelor, master, PhD) to each student. These months can be used to study at a European partner university or to do an internship abroad. The minimum duration for a study stay abroad remains 3 months.

NOTE: The 12-month-quota refers to the study cycle, not the subject. If you are, for example, enrolled in two bachelor programs, you have a total of 12 months to study or work abroad, not 12 months per field of study. Furthermore, Erasmus stays that were completed during your bachelor studies will also be subtracted from your quota in any diploma program that you are enrolled in and vice versa. The quota for master programs is dealt with independently.

Students need to make sure that the combined duration of ERASMUS study and ERASMUS internship does not exceed 12 months per cycle. If you, for example, plan to study abroad and do internship abroad during your bachelor, you should not study abroad for an entire academic year, as you might not have a sufficient number of months left for your internship in that case.

NOTE: Students who are enrolled in the diploma system ("Diplomstudierende", e.g. law, teacher education) will receive a maximum of 24 months, which they can use to study or work abroad via the Erasmus programme.

Due to technical/administrative reasons it will NOT be possible to spend two consecutive semesters at two different universities in the academic year 2014/15. However, the University of Vienna intends to implement this option for the academic year 2015/16.

Language requirements and study levels (BA/MA/PhD)

At erasmus.univie.ac.at (Weiterführend Links - ERASMUS Partnerunis) you will find lists of all the agreements, sorted by country, including the partner universities' language requirements and study level(s) for which the agreement was concluded (BA/MA/PhD).

Please keep this information in mind, before you decide which university you would like to apply to.

NOTE: Some partner universities might require additional language certificates - please check you host university's website.

Preparatory language courses

ERASMUS+ does no longer offer special financial support for preparatory language courses in the host country.

As an alternative, future outgoing students will probably have the possibility to check and improve their language skills in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian via an online course before their stay abroad. Detailed information on these language courses (e.g. application, duration etc.) is not available yet, but will be published as soon as possible on this website.

Language self-assessment

Within the new ERASMUS+ program all students will be asked to complete an online self-assessment to establish their language skills before and after their stay abroad. This test should not influence the student's application to the host university.

Details on the procedure and deadlines for these tests are not known yet, but will be published as soon as possible on this website.


General e-mail address for Erasmus+ Outgoings:

Fax: +43 1-4277-18229

Opening hours

Anastassia Vybornova, BA
Erasmus+ Outgoing
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18207

Mag. Siina Karbin
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