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All about the Learning Agreement

Once you have been nominated by the selection comitee for an ERASMUS International stay, the International Office will send you detailed information on what to do next (by e-mail). Among other things, you need to submit a few documents in order to get your scholarship. One of these documents is the learning agreement.

Why do I need a learning agreement?

The Learning Agreement should inform your host university, which courses you are planning to take. Furthermore, your department also confirms which courses will be recognized within your study program in Vienna.

When do I have to complete a learning agreement?

The Learning Agreement has to be signed by all three parties (student, directorate of studies, host university). Please keep in mind that the minimum requirement in order to receive the ERASMUS+ grant is 3 ECTS per month recognized at the University of Vienna. For that matter, it is not important how many credits you get at the host university; only the credits recognized at the University of Vienna count.

After have been nominated please meet your study program director (SPL/SSC) in order to talk about your course choice and have the first part "Before the Mobility" signed by him/her. Once the study program director and yourself have signed the document, the International Office forwards it to the respective partner university. The course choice also has to be confirmed by the Partner University. 

Please note that you have to select courses in the field of study you have been nominated (in accordance with the existing bilateral agreements) and accepted for.

When and why do I have to change my learning agreement?

The second part of the Learning Agreement "During the Mobility" allows you to change your initial Learning Agreement. You can add and/or delete courses. Please have the changes signed by your host university and confirm the changes with your directorate of studies (in order to make sure that the courses can be recognized at the University of Vienna). Please provide the International Office with a copy of your (new) LA as soon as it is signed by all three parties.

Alternatively, you can also discuss the credit transfer/course recognition with your study program director via e-mail - that would be completely sufficient, as long as you have a confirmation that the courses you are taking will be recognized. However, if your host university or your department in Vienna insist on signing the learning agreement, please send it as soon as possible.

If there are any changes to be made to the LA, it is advisable to confirm them with your directorate of studies as soon as possible (at the beginning of the semester), leaving you enough time to find new courses in case there is any problem with the recognition.

What should I do with my Learning Agreement after my stay?

The Learning Agreement "After the Mobility" together with the Transcript of Records (issued by your host university) is the application form for the recognition of the courses you took abroad. In order to get your credits recognized, you have to hand in both documents to your directorate of studies. After getting your credits recognized, please submit a copy of the signed “Learning Agreement after the Mobility”, as well as a copy of your Transcript of Records, to the International Office.

Writing your master's or PhD thesis during your Erasmus+ stay

There is also the possibility to go abroad to conduct research for your master's or PhD thesis within the Erasmus+ program. When you apply for an Erasmus+ place your subject and thesis supervisor already have to be approved at the University of Vienna.

At your host university you will then have to do some research or write part of your thesis - the details of your tasks should be agreed upon with your supervisor in Vienna. The possible supervision abroad depends on the regulations of the host university – please contact the International Office of the host university for further information.

To receive the mobility grant, your supervisor's (at the University of Vienna) confirmation before and after the stay is sufficient; the requirement of the accreditation of ECTS credits at the University of Vienna does not apply for students conducting research.

Additionally, you are of course also entitled to complete courses at your host university, but it is not a necessary requirement to receive the Erasmus+ grant and is not regarded as a proof of study progress abroad.




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