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ERASMUS+ International Teaching Mobility - Outgoing

With the new generation of ERASMUS+, teaching visits to selected partner universities of the University of Vienna outside of Europe are being funded.
(Please note: this variant of the programme is not to be confused with the “classic” ERASMUS+ Teaching Mobility within Europe)

Applications can be submitted at any time, provided the allocation has not already been exhausted. Please note that this regulation is subject to change and that the partner universities and fields of study included in the programme may change year on year. Information on the positions which are currently open for applications can be found via the quicklinks.


  • Duration of visit: approx 5-10 days (to be agreed with the lecturer (Referent/Referentin) responsible)
  • For visits of 5-7 days, at least 8 teaching periods (of 60 minutes each)
  • The minimum number of teaching periods increases for longer visits:
    10 days = 12 teaching periods, 12 days = 16 teaching periods
  • Mag./MA. and at least 1 year teaching experience
  • Applicants must be in a proper employment relationship with the University of Vienna at the time they apply and this must continue at least until the end of the mobility visit

Those employed as part-time lecturers (Lektor/Lektorin) may also apply and undertake their ERASMUS visit in the semester in which they are to give lectures at the University of Vienna and are therefore in an active employment relationship with the University of Vienna.
The programme is particularly aimed at teaching staff who are participating in the programme for the first time.

Documents required

The prerequisite is prior contact with the contact person in the relevant section of the partner university and agreement of the teaching visit, obtaining signatures from the partner university (usually from the director of the institution or the Erasmus coordinator) and the University of Vienna (director of the institution or the Erasmus coordinator).

  • Staff Mobility Agreement for Teaching (to download, see right)
  • CV (only required on the first occasion)
  • List of publications
  • Evidence of teaching experience

All application documents must be submitted to the International Office in English not later than 4 weeks prior to the mobility visit: staffmobility@univie.ac.at

Criteria for Selection

  • Whether the candidate has the appropriate academic qualifications to undertake the teaching visit abroad
  • The nature and scope of the teaching visit abroad


Successful candidates will be sent a “Grant Agreement for Erasmus+ staff mobility for teaching” as confirmation of award, which must then be filled out and signed and returned to the International Office prior to the visit.

Travel and accommodation costs

  • Overnight accommodation costs: max. € 160 per day (based on accounts rendered)
  • Travel costs: vary depending upon the partner university (see quicklinks)

Accommodation and travel costs are refunded in accordance with the Guidelines on the travel cost allowance .

In order to be awarded the travel cost allowance, the following documents must be submitted to the International Office after the visit:

  • Original receipts in respect of travel and accommodation
    (incl. boarding cards; credit card bills, where appropriate; hotel bills)
  • Letter of Confirmation for Teaching Assignment (to download, see right)
  • Report as part of the reporting requirements of the European Commission (a report request will be sent via email)
  • Expenses form (DLE Accounting and Controlling)




Dieses Projekt wurde mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Kommission finanziert. Die Verantwortung für den Inhalt dieser Veröffentlichung trägt allein der Verfasser; die Kommission haftet nicht für die weitere Verwendung der darin enthaltenen Angaben.


Mag. Maximilian Kudler
Non-EU Teaching Mobility, Erasmus+ Staff Training
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18210

Dr. Lottelis Moser
Head, International Office
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18216



Mag. Brigitta Moravec
Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility, Erasmus+ International Mobility
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18221


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