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Faculty & Staff Outgoing Mobility

The support of the international mobility of scientists and university teachers is an essential prerequisite both for their own academic careers and for the positioning of the University of Vienna within the international higher education and research areas.

In addition to the mobility schemes and support provided by the University, there are both national and international (especially EU) mobility programmes that are administered in cooperation with the University of Vienna.

The international office provides support to scientists and university teachers who pursue a stay abroad for research or teaching purpose.

For target-group specific information, please see:


Dr. Tatjana Antalovsky
International cooperations within Europe (excluding Erasmus+)
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18204

Mag. Maximilian Kudler
Non-EU Teaching Mobility, Erasmus+ Staff Training
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18210

Dr. Lottelis Moser
Head, International Office
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18216



Mag. Brigitta Moravec
Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility, Erasmus+ International Mobility
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18221


Dipl. Polit. Janna Kazim
International cooperations with Africa, America, Asia, Australia
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18235

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