Joint Classrooms

As part of its “internationalisation at home” strategy, the University of Vienna funds “Joint Classroom” activities in order to make international experiences and networks accessible to students who cannot afford a longer stay abroad for financial, professional or family reasons. Joint Classrooms also intend to strengthen collaborations with partner universities.

Funding is allocated to courses (preferably with continuous assessment) of the University of Vienna that are carried out in collaboration with a relevant course at a European or international university. In other words, lecturers at the participating universities design a course and teach it together using a "blended learning" approach.

"Blended Learning" is used to describe a form of learning which aims to combine in a pedagogically sound manner traditional face-to-face teaching and modern forms of e-learning. International networking among students at the participating universities can occur through online tools, but also through short stays at the partner university.

Joint Classrooms with strategic partners of the University of Vienna are particularly eligible for funding.

 Target group

Academics and lecturers of the University of Vienna who have research connections with European and international partner universities

 Amount of funding

Up to EUR 6,000 per course, depending on the number of participants

 Funding purpose

Funding should be mainly used to cover travel costs/scholarships for the participating students of the University of Vienna.

Detailed information and the submission forms can be found under Downloads.

Examples Joint Classrooms

"Transnational Organised Crime"

Organisation: Andreas Schloenhardt, PhD - Department of Criminal Law and Criminology
Partner universities: The University of Queensland, Australia / University of Zurich, Switzerland

"Lamentations in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East"

Organisation: Prof. Marianne Grohmann - Department of Old Testament Studies and Biblical Archaeology
Partner university: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel