Joint Classrooms

"Joint Classrooms" are courses that are held in collaboration with one of the University of Vienna's partner universities. In other words, lecturers at the participating universities design a course and teach it together using a "blended learning" approach.
"Blended Learning" is used to describe a form of learning which aims to combine in a pedagogically sound manner traditional face-to-face teaching and modern forms of e-learning. International networking among students at the participating universities can occur through online tools, but also through short periods of travel.

Examples Joint Classrooms

"Transnational Organised Crime"

Organisation: Andreas Schloenhardt, PhD - Department of Criminal Law and Criminology
Partner universities: The University of Queensland, Australia / University of Zurich, Switzerland

"Lamentations in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East"

Organisation: Prof. Marianne Grohmann - Department of Old Testament Studies and Biblical Archaeology
Partner university: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel