Internationalisation Strategy of the University of Vienna

At the University of Vienna, the cornerstones of its strategic internationalisation are an integral part of its development plan, taking into account national and regional research, technology, innovation and location strategies, especially the National Mobility and Internationalisation Strategy for Higher Education.

Development Plan of the University of Vienna

The internationalisation strategy of the University of Vienna is continuously evolving, founded on evidence-based analyses and surveys. In the annual International Report, important key figures on internationalisation are presented to an interested audience at home and abroad.

Current internationalisation goals are:

  • In Europe, the strategic focus of the University of Vienna's cooperations is on multilateral strategic partnership networks, especially the University Alliance Circle U. and the CENTRAL network (ELTE, HU Berlin, Charles University Prague, University of Warsaw, University of Vienna).
  • Outside of Europe, the University of Vienna relies on bilateral strategic partnerships with renowned research universities. The University of Vienna currently has five strategic partnerships: with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (since 2015), the University of Chicago (since 2016), Peking University, Fudan University and Kyoto University (all since 2019).
  • In autumn 2020, the University of Vienna started to set up internationally visible doctoral schools taught in English with international recruitment of doctoral students. There are currently 17 doctoral schools.
  • Academic stays abroad by students, but also the appointment of professors from abroad, are important instruments for expanding and enriching research perspectives and teaching content. The ERASMUS+ programme represents a central instrument in the field of student and teacher mobility, which facilitates stays at one of the numerous partner universities inside and outside the EU. The University of Vienna additionally offers complementary programmes to promote the mobility of students and teachers to countries outside of Europe.