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Joint Classroom

Joint Classrooms” are classes taught in collaboration/networked with an appropriate class at one of the partner universities of the University of Vienna.

The networking should be undertaken in a short travel phase (c. 1 week) to the partner university, during which the students can establish contact with the students at the partner university.

Further networking can be facilitated through the following activities, for example:

-  Joint online classes between the UV and the strategic partner university (webinars)

- Networking between participants at both universities via e-mail/ Skype/ Moodle/ video conferencing, e.g. to prepare a joint presentation during the travel phase.

It is the aim of a “joint classroom” to make international experiences and networks accessible to those students for whom a longer visit abroad is not possible for either financial, professional or family reasons. The “joint classroom” is also intended to strengthen collaborations with partner universities where there is collaboration across the board.

Note: There need not be an underlying Joint Curriculum. The idea of the Joint Classroom is that it should be easy to implement, on the basis of existing contacts and common interests between the teachers/researchers.

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