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Researcher Mobility at individual faculty level

Within certain limits, scientists of the University of Vienna are entitled to invite colleagues from foreign universities (visiting researchers/visiting lecturers) and for this purpose apply to their own faculty for funds to finance these visits.

Only scientists of the University of Vienna are eligible to apply for these funds.

  • Funds for the promotion of the foreign relations of the University of Vienna
  • Funds for guest lectures and scientific activities

Dr. Tatjana Antalovsky
International cooperations within Europe (excluding Erasmus+)
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18204

Mag. Maximilian Kudler
Non-EU Teaching Mobility, Erasmus+ Staff Training
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18210


Mag. Brigitta Moravec
Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility, Erasmus+ International Mobility
Tel.: +43 1-4277-18221


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