Alfred Ebenbauer Scholarship

In memory of former Rector Alfred Ebenbauer, the University of Vienna grants a minimum of two short-term scholarships each year to young scientists for the purpose of funding projects of scientific cooperation between the University of Vienna and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The scholarships are intended as a contribution to the partnership between the two universities. 

Scholarship amount:

€ 2.000,- (max.) each

The scholarships may be used for travelling expenses and the costs of a short stay (of approximately one month), but also for the purchase of materials and equipment.

Requirements - Eligible candidates:

PhD students or younger scientists who have already graduated (i. e., who have obtained at least a Master’s degree) from the University of Vienna or from Hebrew University.

The scholarships are particularly intended to enable scientists of Hebrew University to spend some time at the University of Vienna and to initiate new cooperation projects. It is also possible to combine the scholarship with funding granted under the partnership agreement with Hebrew University.

Application documents (Word document or pdf)

  • Candidate’s CV including a list of publications
  • A short description of the proposed cooperation and its relevance to a research project to be carried out at the University of Vienna or at Hebrew University (max. 3 pages)
  • Confirmation of feasibility (Durchführbarkeitsbestätigung) by the host institution


The selection panel will be chaired by the Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs. Third-party funded research projects will receive preferential treatment.

Please note that scholarships will be allocated on a competitive basis, in accordance with the application documents submitted. Applicants have no legal claim to a scholarship.