Strategic Partnerships

Within the framework of Strategic Partnerships, the University of Vienna supports close scientific cooperation with selected internationally renowned partner universities and paves the way for bilateral top-level research.

Strategic Partnerships are characterised by intensive cooperation in research, teaching and administration. Long term cooperation on the research and management level as well as in the field of student exchange are the basis of this form of partnership.

Strategic Partner Universities and Research Partnerships

The University of Vienna has so far won the following globally outstanding research universities as strategic partners: the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Chicago, Kyoto University, Fudan University and Peking University.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

University of Chicago

Kyoto University

Peking University

Fudan University

Cooperation Activities

Mobility Fellowships

enable outbound mobilities of young researchers and mid-level faculty members of the University of Vienna to one of the strategic partner universities. Doctoral students, post-docs, as well as tenure track, associate, - assistant - and ao. professors may apply for these fellowships. 

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Joint Seminars

Seminars and workshops with researchers of the strategic partner universities in selected disciplines provide a framework to (further) develop research projects and prepare project proposals.

Joint Classrooms

Lecturers at the participating universities design a course and teach together using "blended learning"  (e-learning, etc). International networking among students at the participating universities may occur through online tools, but also through short periods of travel.

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Institutional Learning

Mobility activities such as job shadowing and team travel for staff members on a management level support networking in university administration and management and facilitate exchange of experience. 

Third party-funded activities

Involvement of strategic partner universities in international third party-funded activities of the University of Vienna, especially within the EU funding programme Erasmus+  (incl. Erasmus+ International) and further project funding.