ASEA-UNINET is a university network originally founded in Austria that has now spread all over Europe. Its aim is to initiate and promote research cooperation projects with and in South East Asian countries.

ASEA-UNINET Austria supports the exchange of knowledge between the partner universities that are parties to the “Mutual Agreement“ of ASEA-UNINET. The network’s main activity consists in organising and financing the exchange of scientists and/or postgraduates and the resulting transfer of knowledge. Its activities are based on a “Training and Mobility“ concept aimed at promoting an exchange between Europe and South East Asia and also at improving collaboration between South East Asian universities, creating opportunities for generating  programmes with other European universities.

As of 2014, 18 Austrian, another 12 European, one Russian and 43 South East Asian universities  - including 18 Thai, six Indonesian, ten Vietnamese, five Malayan, one Filipino and one Pakistani university – have undertaken to support the exchange of knowledge within the network in various ways.