Project applications and deadlines

All education projects with an international focus (i.e. all Erasmus+ projects) must be approved by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs. This also applies if the funding is less than € 100,000 or if the University of Vienna is only a project partner.

Before approval, an assessment by the International Office is required. For this assessment, two documents must be submitted:

  • a final project application showing the objectives and expected results of the project;
  • budget plan listing the total funding requested, the University of Vienna’s share and (if necessary) the share from own funds and its composition.

Project applications that are coordinated at the University of Vienna, have to be submitted at least 5 days prior to the deadline or planned project submission. Project applications with involvement of the University of Vienna as a project partner, have to be submitted 3 days in advance.

Additionally to an assessment by the International Office, the respective faculty head has to support the project proposal: Please use the form "Erklärung der Fakultätsleitung bzw. Zentrumsleitung für Bildungsprojekte" (Quicklinks).

Erasmus+ project applications:

For applications, please use the intended e-forms only. For all applications that are not to be submitted centrally to the Executive Agency (EACEA), these forms are generated by an online request (registration on the website). For applications that are submitted centrally via the national agencies, the forms are available as downloads.

PLEASE NOTE. The e-forms for Strategic Partnerships cannot be processed using the current Adobe Pro version. Please use the Adobe Reader.

Applications – whether as partner organisations or consortium leader – require the entry of a PIC (Participant Identification Code). You can obtain this code on request from the International Office.

For further questions, please contact the International Office.

Application deadlines:

Due COVID19, deadlines for Erasmus+ projects applications were extended. Please find the deadlines >>here